Infinite Discs Cohort Putter Review
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Infinite Discs Cohort Review

The Cohort is Infinite Discs’ fourth putter. It is a fast putter with a low-profile and small diameter great for long approach shots. ‘Cohort’ traditionally refers to a small ancient Roman military unit but I’m pretty sure Infinite named this putter for the data analytics understanding: A set of customers grouped by a common characteristic for the purpose of demographic analysis.

Infinite Discs Cohort Manufacturer Notes

Here’s how Infinite Discs describes their Cohort:

The Cohort is a unique putt-and-approach disc that is a great, beadless option for mid-range and approach shots with a comfortable rim for either backhand or forehand players. The revolution toward smaller-diameter discs for mid-range shots continues and the Cohort is stable enough to hold the line when thrown with confidence.

Infinite Discs Cohort manufacturer page
Available Plastics: D-Blend, R-Blend
Flight Rating: 3.5, 4, 0, 1

Infinite Discs Cohort Initial Reactions

Infinite Discs Cohort Putter

The Cohort is fast, there’s no doubt about that. With a relatively sharp nose and a low profile, this putter will shoot out of your hand. The profile is low enough that it took me a little while to find a good grip but I settled on a spread fan grip. I felt as though the manufacturer flight rating was accurate out of the box except I might drop the glide to a 3, however the Cohort in both plastics broke in rather quickly to a -1 turn and noticeably increased in glide.

Infinite Discs Cohort


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Infinite Discs Cohort Putting Notes

The Cohort is a relatively neutral putter, fairly straight with a little fade at the end so you can pretty much just toss at the right side of the basket. The Cohort’s speed enables long basket runs from well beyond the circle and it can be worked on pretty much any line. The speed of the Cohort can also help handle light wind, but it also has enough glide that stiffer winds will push it around.

The shape of the Cohort also handles just about any putting style, although it may not be as firm as you’d like for push putting. Its low profile feels a little like a Latitude 64 Pure or maybe a Gateway Warlock. The low profile combined with higher speed worked well for turbo putts. The pointed nose managed to slide through the chains and spit out on a few spin putts but I found that nose-down pitch putting mitigated this. Overall the Cohort is fine for putting but I found its strength to be drives and approaches.

Infinite Discs Corhort Upshot and Approaches

Infinite Discs VIP Cohort Putters
Infinite Discs VIP Cohort Stamps

The speed and shape of the Cohort lend themselves nicely to an approach putter. The thin shoulder and beadless rim allow for a very smooth fangrip release which can handle a decent amount of torque. This profile shape also works well for light forehand shots or flick approaches.

When new, the Cohort is very straight, but both plastics broke in quickly to display turn. At 150 feet (45 meters) the Cohort is still straight but shows a gentle turn around 200 feet (60 meters). At full power the Cohort will show significant turn and is great for hyzer flips, but won’t dive unless thrown into a headwind.

Hyzer flip shots are perhaps the largest strenght of the Cohort. The turn is controllable and it likes to fade forward and consistently. It anhyzers decently but likes to pull out of anhyzer lines, whereas it tends to hold hyzer flip lines nicely. Its preferance to pull out of anhyzers offer precision s-curve lines and I even smashed chains from the tee once (sadly followed by a spit-out).

The speed and sharp nose make the Cohort a good choice for light wind. It has the ability to cut through a gentle breeze nose down or ride a breeze by exposing the flight plate. The Cohort will get thrown with heavier winds in which case I found it best to throw with a tailwind.

Infinite Discs Cohort Comparables

Kastaplast Reko: Similar turn, Reko has less glide and harder fade
Discraft Roach: Roach has a rounder nose and fades harder
Gateway Warlock: Similar profile, Warlock displays more s-curve
Latitude 64 Pure: Pure glides and turns a little more
Dynamic Discs Warden: Warden is slower and fades more

Infinite Discs Cohort Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a fast flying, low profile putter then the Cohort may be your disc. It’s great for hyzer flips and the beadless rim offers a grippy yet smooth release. The Cohort will be a great controllable throwing option for beginners and advanced players alike.

If you’re ready to throw your own Cohort then you can find one here!

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