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Dynamic Discs Warden Review

The Dynamic Discs Warden is the definition of a finesse putter.  The extreme amount of glide displayed by the Warden allows you to do almost anything with it as long as you’ve got the touch.

Dynamic Discs Warden Manufacturer Notes

“With an extremely smooth release and neutral flight, the Warden will come out of your hand easily and fly dead straight to the chains. With more glide than the Judge, it will stay in the air longer to help deflate those high scores. The Warden would like to see you now.”

Dynamic Discs Warden Manufacturer Page
Available plastics: Prime, Classic, Classic Blend, Classic Soft, Fluid
Flight Rating:  2, 4, 0, .5

Dynamic Discs Warden Initial Reactions

Our fellow Michigan friend, Chad Cole, recently hooked us up with a Fuzion Warden stamped with a stellar iteration of his creation, RoboBug.  Dynamic Discs’ Warden feels well balanced and natural in the hand with a flat flight plate and upper nose similar to the Judge and a bottom lip more similar to a Latitude 64 Pure with no bead.  It releases just as smoothly as both of those putters and delivers a feeling of joy as it floats forever!

Dynamic Discs Warden Putter Side View

Dynamic Discs Warden Putter Profile

Dynamic Discs Warden


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 Warden Putting Notes

The Dynamic Discs Warden truly is a finesse putter and will find chains effortlessly inside 50 feet because of it’s high glide.  The glide also allows it to follow any line with ease and only a slight fade out near the end; the fade isn’t accentuated until around 75 feet but even then it’s quite controllable.  One of the outstanding features of the Warden is it’s easy and consistent release which results in better putting.

As with any high-glide putter, caution is necessary or the Warden will float right past the basket when spin putting.  I’m pleased, however, with how well the Warden handles the wind for a putter with so much glide.  It lifts more than low glide putters but the lift is moderate without unexpected wavering.  Although Rodney also noticed the high amount of glide, he felt that the Warden actually dropped earlier than expected for him which is likely a result of his straddle putt consisting of more push and less spin than my putt.

We do find that the Warden will roll after impact more often than desired on longer putts around 70ft, this is because of the lower rim’s shape which is flat and angled in so some extra care should be taken to release nose up allowing for a soft landing on hard or elevated ground.  Nose up elevator shots, however, were no problem at all for the Warden, enhanced partially by the high glide and partially by the easy release.  I’m able to stall the Warden with great control on both hyzer and anhyzer elevator putts.

Warden Flight Notes

The Dynamic Discs Warden feels like a more stable Judge just as they claim.  That means it can be thrown dead straight for 250 feet, even 300 if you’ve got the arm.  I find that it works just as well with a power grip (at a slightly reduced release angle) as it does with a fan grip.

As it does with putting, the glide allows for almost any line to be found on an approach shot.  The Warden is an amazing finesse putter and will hold a slight anhyzer longer than almost any other putter I’ve thrown but it will also handle severe anhyzers without turning too hard to the ground.  The same can be said for hyzers, although harder hyzer shots have a tendency to flip up just slightly, so if I drop the angle a little I can get the Warden to glide for extended filghts.  One advantage of the glide is that I can throw it high and let it track to the left for a significant distances without it dropping, this simulates a late and exagerated left hook (for RHBH) even though it’s not an extremely overstable approach disc.

Due to it’s tendency to flip on harder shots, the Warden isn’t great for long forehand shots, but it works wonders for shorter flick shots especially if you’re attempting an anhyzer flick putt.  We rarely experienced roll-aways after our approach shots like we did with putts but the elevator shots came just as easily.

Dynamic Discs Warden Comparable Putters

Dynamic Discs Judge – Warden is higher glide and a little less fade
Streamline Pilot – Pilot turns more (similar to Fuzion Warden)
Latitude 64 Sarek – Sarek fades more and is an overmold
Latitude 64 Mercy – Mercy fades harder and is a bit faster
Latitude 64 Pure – Pure is a faster with more turn
Innova Whale – Whale has less glide

Dynamic Discs Warden Conclusions

Dynamic Discs’ Warden is a superb putter, especially when it’s decorated with an excellent RoboBug stamp!  I’m amazed at the amount of glide and how the glide allows me to make extremely slight adjustments to the flight path in order to achieve finesse putts and approach shots.  Beginners will find the glide helpful in learning the basics and concentrating on their form and advanced players will enjoy the ability to manipulate the Warden’s flight path in ways most putters won’t allow.

When you’re ready to try the high glide Warden you can see your options here!

 RoboBug by Chad Cole

Check out the “Is this disc right for you?” segment from Dynamic Discs:

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