Latitude 64 Pure Review
Latitude 64,  Putter Reviews

Latitude 64 Pure Review

The Latitude 64 Pure is giving my Gateway Wizard serious competition for a spot in my bag, and that says an awful lot.  Tim over at pointed me toward the Pure and I’m convinced he just wanted to watch me obsess over which amazing putter would win the battle for a spot in my disc golf bag.

Latitude 64’s Pure Notes

“Featuring a comfortable grip and slightly deeper rim than Spike it will hold the line given to it on your approach shots. Pure is the second disc co-designed by Jesper Lundmark.”–approach.html

Available plastics: Zero Soft, Zero Medium, Zero Hard, Opto

Flight Rating:  3,  3,  0,  1

Pure Initial Reactions

I adore flat top putters, and that’s what the Pure is.  I was hesitant about the rim because I typically prefer beefy, blunt putters, but the Pure felt just fine as I hit the course.  The Pure’s concave rim is not nearly as pronounced as something like Vibram Sole and it’s beadless which appeals to my small hands.

Latitude 64 Pure Profile
Latitude 64 Pure Profile

Latitude 64 Pure putter profile

Pure By the Numbers

Latitude 64 Pure


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After review the Latitude 64 Pure on three different courses and in three different plastics I’d estimate the numbers are quite close although I’d give it a 1.5 stability rating mostly due to it’s ability to pull nicely out of a strong anhyzer.

Pure Putting Notes

As a putter, the Lat 64 Pure excellently handles any style and any type of throw.  It holds just about any line but on a straight line has a predictable fade at the end actually quite similar to a beat up Gateway Wizard.  The Pure’s consistency stands out more than any other characteristic; consistency for any type of putt ranging from hyzer to anhyzer, lofty spin to deadly accurate turbo putt.  It handles a breeze as well as any other putter and I only had one putt out of about 50 roll any significant distance.  I simply don’t have anything negative to say about the pure inside 75 feet.

Besides consistency in all areas, what surprised me the most was the elevator shot.  The Pure is easy to float upward in a controllable manner.  Many putters will turn hard when they stall and fade hard after, but the Pure rises and drops on nearly the exact line on which I throw it.  It is by far the best stall putter I’ve ever thrown.  The video below demonstrates the Pure’s ability to rise on command followed by anhyzer putts that pull out of the line just before impact.  The last segment shows turbo putts which are quite accurate when thrown on a slight turn but drop when thrown straight.

 Pure Upshots

The Pure holds almost any line when thrown with a fan grip 150-200 feet, but will display a gentle turn with a fan grip.  It can be thrown incredibly straight reminding me of the MVP Atom, but it can also hold an incredibly nice anhyzer with a smooth fade like the Wizard despite being less stable than the Wizard.  I find that it has just a little less glide than the Wizard so the earlier drop helps my control and the nose isn’t blunt so there were very few skips and roll-aways.

 Latitude 64 Pure Final Verdict

I’m totally infatuated with the Latitude 64 Pure in case you couldn’t tell by the end of this review.  I’d have to recommend that everyone at least try a Pure and compare it to the putters in your bag.  Easy to throw for the basic throws, but it holds well on the specialty shots from stall putts to long gentle anhyzers inside 250.  By the way, I drove an Opto Pure 280 on a slight anhyzer to birdie a 300 foot hole; that’s when I fell in love.

The Latitude 64 Pure is one of the putters that every disc golfer should try.  You can pick one up from Infinite Discs here:

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