Latitude 64 Gauntlet
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Latitude 64 Gauntlet Review

Are you ready to get a grip on your putting? Equip the Latitude 64 Gauntlet putter and let it guide your putting game to victory.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“Are you searching for a reliable putter with stable flight? Then it is time to challenge the course with the Gauntlet. It is a high profile putt and approach disc with a beaded rim. A stable flyer with good glide makes it a handy weapon in every bag. It is similar to the Macana but with less rounded lower rim.”–approach.html

Available plastics: Zero Soft, Zero Medium, Zero Hard, Zero Megasoft, Gold

Flight Rating: 2 speed, 5 glide, 0 turn, 1 fade

Initial Reactions

The Latitude 64 Gauntlet feels a lot like a Dynamic Discs Judge. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the Gauntlet has a slightly deeper rim though it is hardly noticeable. The manufacturer compares it to their own Macana, which we reviewed a little while back.

Latitude 64 Gauntlet Profile

By the Numbers

Latitude 64 Gauntlet


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Putting Notes

Not only does the Gauntlet look like a Judge but it putts like one as well (and yes, for those of you wondering, it smells like one too).  Inside the circle I don’t see a lot of fade with a push putt. Longer putts will begin to show fade that will require some aiming adjustment on your part. The rim is slightly deeper than the Judge as previously mentioned, but not as deep as the Latitude 64 Dagger. Despite the deeper rim, I have had no issues with release consistency.

One particular observation after a few putts – the Gauntlet has more glide than the Judge. In fact, this is a fairly glidey putter overall. This factor will require some practice before putting on a windy day but should give you great results in clam conditions.


Longer range shots with the Gauntlet really show off the extra glide. Long putts and short approaches tend to fly a little further than initially expected but I was able to adjust quickly. This feature also seems to cause the Gauntlet to fade softer, meaning the end of the flight drops forward more than turning left.

The Gauntlet also performs well as a driving putter. The extra glide makes for a nice and easy anhyzer shot similar to our favorite shot with the Gateway Wizard. Hyzer shots will cut left but still glide to a nice finish. I couldn’t throw a forehand flick putt as well as I do with the Judge, but the Gauntlet handles the torque fairly well.

Final Verdict

My love for the Dynamic Discs Judge is no secret. I don’t know if Latitude 64 intended to make a putter so similar to the Judge but the Gauntlet mold certainly turned out that way and that’s a win in my book. If you seek a Judge with more glide, the Latitude 64 Gauntlet fits your hand nicely.

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