Macana Putt and Approach Disc
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Latitude 64 Macana Review

The Macana by Latitude 64 is a slightly overstable putt and approach disc that debuted during the 2015 Trilogy Challenge.  Online disc store Infinite Discs sent us one to test.

Manufacturer’s Notes

Available plastics: Zero Medium

Flight Rating: 2 speed, 5 glide, 0 turn, 1 fade

Initial Reactions

The Macana feels as if Latitude 64 created a shallow rimmed Dagger.  I’m interested to see how the low-speed and high-glide work together when throwing this putter.

Latitude 64 Macana Profile

By the Numbers

Latitude 64 Macana


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Putting Notes

Putting with the Macana feels natural.  Easy to push putt and spin putt, the Macana allows you to aim at the basket and let it fly.  At 25′ or so, I noticed a very slight fade causing me to aim closer to the outer edge of the basket, similar to an Aviar.  The glide characteristics keep the putter floating with minimal effort from 50′, just be aware that this feature will also keep your missed putt gliding as well.  That extra glide puts the Macana at a slight risk when putting into a headwind – you’ll notice a tendency to lift and float away.


Throwing the Macana reminds me a lot of the Discraft Ace Race disc from 2015, now known as the Roach.  Drop your release angle a bit and you’ll be able to throw with a decent amount of power without turning the Macana.  Just remember, it is still a putter and isn’t meant to be thrown at full power.  Lighter throws glide on a straight path before finishing softly to the left.

The Macana certainly likes the hyzer line better than the anhyzer line.  I’m guessing this is a result of the low speed.  Anhyzers seem to dive to the ground quickly but hyzers keep a nice float going.  The disc does handle a forehand throw better than the Roach, but this still wouldn’t be my go to putter for heavy forehand use.

Final Verdict

If I were limited to carrying only one putter, the Macana would be a serious challenger.  It doesn’t outperform other putters in any single category, but it doesn’t do anything poorly either.  This is a very well-rounded putt and approach disc that deserves a second look.

*We are not affiliated with Infinite Discs but we do believe they have a great site and great customer service.

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