Build your disc golf putter comfort
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Building Your Putter Comfort

Quick Disc Golf Tip: Always keep your putter within arm’s reach.  Most disc golfers agree that being comfortable and familiar with your putter is essential for optimal putting performance.  If you haven’t built up your putter comfort it’s difficult to know your putter well in order to be consistent.

Spending time with your putter is simply the best way to build your putter comfort.

On the course is optimal, but we don’t always have time and that’s alright.  Keep your putter within reach when you’re not on the course so you can pick it up throughout the day and hold it for a few moments.  The repetition with your standard putting grip builds muscle memory and familiarity which translates to higher degree of putter comfort and confidence.

Where are some good places keep your putter at hand?

  • Your work desk near your keyboard
  • The passenger seat of your car
  • The couch when you’re watching television
  • Not near the toilet

Once you’re done sharing this quick tip on Facebook and Twitter, pick up your putter and get comfortable!

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