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New Year’s Disc Golf Resolutions

Another year has passed. ¬†Hopefully you’ve¬†taken the time to reflect on the previous 365 days and evaluate your current situation. ¬†I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions but the fact is, the new year marks a perfect time to set some new goals. ¬†Diet and exercise always make the list. ¬†Certainly eating better, lifting weights, and running¬†would be great for us all, but these aren’t fun to talk about. ¬†Instead, let’s talk about our disc golf resolutions!

First up are our Disc Golf Resolutions for 2016, and then a few suggestions that might inspire some more specific resolutions for you.

Putt Heads’s Resolutions

  • Mark with¬†a mini for every¬†shot.
    • We¬†know the previously thrown disc will now suffice, but we¬†want this to be a habit. ¬†Especially on those short putts.
  • Get a PDGA number
  • Play in our first official disc golf event
  • Design and build the second Putt Head’s Practice Course

Resolution Ideas

  • Have more fun
    • Don’t worry as much about score or a bad shot, just have fun
    • Try new lines on your favorite course
    • Try a new game on the course
    • Simplify your bag
  • Meet new people
    • Join a league
    • Join in with other¬†groups at the course
  • Play more often
    • Maybe you didn’t get out enough this year
  • Play less often
    • Maybe you played too much and didn’t balance your time with practice
  • Practice more
    • Do more field work
    • Get a practice basket for your home
    • Start a daily practice putt routine



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