2021 best disc golf gifts
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2021 Holiday Disc Golf Gift Guide

With the scarcity of discs and the prevalence of shipping delays, we thought it would be a good idea to get our 2021 disc golf gift guide out a little early this year. There have been many great new disc golf accessories released over the past year that will make great presents for disc golfers new and seasoned. We have tested many new discs and disc golf items and this is our list of best disc golf gifts for 2021!

Disc Golf Data: Becoming A Better Disc Golfer

Our first recommendation is a newly released book on using data to get better at disc golf. Targeted toward players who have been throwing for 3-5 years and are looking to get more serious, but any disc golfer can benefit from this. Also… we wrote it!
Available from Infinite Discs and Amazon

Disc Golf Data Book Cover

Star Frame Retro Disc Golf Bag With Cooler

A disc golf bag with a built in cooler that can hold 12 cans, great for fun rounds with a group! The Retro bag has a cool color scheme and comes at a very affordable price of $75.
See the Retro Bag here!

Star Frame Disc Golf Bag

Infinite Discs Easy Bag

Here’s a great starter bag at a great price. The Infinite Discs Easy Bag is also a good option for more seasoned players who need a smaller bag for quick rounds or travelling!
See the Easy Bag here!

Reaper Disc Supply Apparel

Reaper Disc Supply offers a a unique line of apparal sporting a mix of gothic design and modern styles, and of course a lot of skelital reapers! Shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, socks, and some pretty cool stamped discs.
See Reaper Disc Supply’s apparel here!

Reaper Disc Supply Shirt

InZone Kwik Stick Retriever

Kwik-Stik XLF disc retriever

Olafus Cart-Mountable Bluetooth Speaker

Does your special disc golfer have a cart? An accessory that can come in handy is a bluetooth speaker that can attach to that cart. The Olafus speak is priced low at around $20 but reliable, and it is waterproof.
Olafus Mountable Bluetooth Speaker

Disc Golf Range Finder

A range finder is a higher investment than most other items on this list, but it’s a unique disc golf gift that is relatively new to the disc golf scene. We have tested the Apex NF600 Rangefinder (review coming soon) and can attest that it works well but not super intuitive while tryingto learn. You could easily upgrade to the high-end Bushnell Edge Rangefinder.
Apex NF600 Rangefinder
Bushnell Edge Rangefinder

Apex Disc Golf Range Finder

Friction Gloves

Friction Gloves make our list almost every year, and there’s a reason for that! Friction Gloves keep you hands warm and provide superior grip.
Here are more details: https://www.dgputtheads.com/friction-gloves-review

Friction Gloves Disc Golf Review

New Discs To Give As Gifts

You can never go wrong giving a new disc as a holiday gift. Finding the right disc to give as a present is tough, so here are our recommendations for great discs to give you special disc golfer.

Launch Discs Lander

The Lander is a low profile and small diamerter putter with a straight flight and moderate glide. The Lander’s strengths are consistency and accuracy. The rounded nose offers a great feel for those who enjoy low profiles. This putter can be used by any skill level.

Launch Discs Lander Putter

Essential Discs Honey

The Honey is a very overstable flat-topped putter that is fast with low glide. This is a putter for advanced players looking for a driving and approach disc that can stand up to any condition and drop on command.
Here’s our Honey review: https://www.dgputtheads.com/essential-discs-honey-review

Above Ground Level Magnolia

Tons of glide, a little turn, and a consistent fade that is not overbearing. Great workable disc for beginner and advanced throwers alike!
Check out your AGL Magnolia options here!

AGL Magnolia Midrange Disc

Mint Discs Longhorn

An overstable distance driver that holds a line most of the way through the flight but is still workable. Consistent go-to driver for intermediate disc golfers, a dependable hyzer flip option for bigger arms.
Mint Discs Longhorn Options

Mint Discs Longhorn
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