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Valentines Letter to Discraft

Dear Discraft,

I vividly remember the day we met 15 years ago.  It was a warm Spring day during a walk through the park in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  I had never held a disc before; you were my first disc golf experience.

We threw around for a few years and I admit that I experimented with other drivers during college.  But then you offered me your Crush and I graciously accepted.  I took this commitment seriously.  In the following years you taught me how to hyzer and eventually how to throw straight lines and gentle s-curves; you truly shaped my game the way it is today and I will cherish your Crush forever.

Unfortunately I have come to realize that you did not take this commitment as seriously as I did.  You discontinued your Crush and took it away from me.  What’s worse is that I only found out because I saw it on Facebook,  and so close to Valentine’s day!  How embarrassing that you couldn’t even tell me first!  Everyone was already talking about it by the time I knew.

Perhaps I am partially to blame.  I smothered you and insisted on bringing you along for every round I’ve ever played.  Perhaps I expected too much from you too soon and was overly critical when you hyzered and fell short.  But the last few years had been wonderful, the way we fought the headwinds together and birdies you helped me achieve.

They say that if you love a disc, you should let it go.  If it comes back to you, well then it’s probably a boomerang and you should try again.  I understand that things can’t go back to the way they were.  I made my own mistakes and secretly threw a Wraith for a year, which I deeply regret but cannot take back.  We’ve also both grown in our own ways; my distance has grown as has your line of discs.  

I can try to move on… I know it wouldn’t be easy but I hear good things about Crank or even Surge.  Or we can push through and try make my dwindling Crush supply last.  I hate to give up on a good thing, but if we’re not meant to be, then maybe it would be easier for both of us to find our own courses to play now.

Your Crush is not easy to walk away from.  Discraft, you’ve always been there to guide me, so please tell me what to do.DG Puttheads Logo

Sincerely yours,

Disc Golf Chris




*Chris actually printed this letter off and sent it to Discraft headquarters sealed with heart stickers.Discraft Disc Golf Valentines Letter


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