Essential Discs Honey review
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Essential Discs Honey Review

Essential Discs is a small company that has been around since 2010 and now operates out of Lansing, Michigan right near us. We got the chance to hit the course with the owner, Larry, and test out his disc, the Honey. Larry has a great story which we recommend reading on his site, but we’re here to tell you about the Honey. If you’re ready to get your hands sticky with this overstable putter/midrange-tweener then keep reading!

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Essential Discs Honey Manufacturer Notes

This is how Essentail Discs describes the Honey disc:

The Honey is a low profile overstable putter. It is quick to release from the hand with low glide for pinpoint accuracy. The weight on the putter is distributed mostly to the slightly larger than normal rim which makes this disc unique and blend the line between midrange and putter.

Essential Discs Honey Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: Carbon, Helium, (translucent and gummy coming soon)
Flight Rating: 4, 3, 0, 3

Honey Initial Reactions

Essential Discs Honey profile

The Honey is a very flat topped disc with a low profile and no bead. The base plastic, Carbon, is grippy and more firm than most base plastics; think Kastaplast K3 but more durable. The superlight Helium plastic feels surprisingly sturdy for a lightweight disc with less grip but a touch more glide.

After a few trees the flat top puddles and offers superior grip! The premium gummy has an excellent feel and is more overstable than the others, and it sounds like that will be coming out of development and into production soon.

It is worth noting that the Honey got its name because everyone that picked it up for the first time said, “This is sweet!” We said the same thing.

The Honey’s flightpath is much more overstable than the flightchart below shows and we’ll have this updated soon.

Essential Discs Honey


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Honey Putting Notes

The Essential Discs Honey is intended mostly for throwing and will probably not be your primary putter, but it handles itself well as a utility putter. The Honey is very overstable and works well in windy situations, rising less than most putters in a headwind. You will want to ensure you release it flat with a lot of snap in most situations because the low glide can cause a significant drop if released nose down. However, releasing nose down in a tailwind can give you a nice pitch putt feel with a safe drop.

Essential Discs Honey putter rim

Toss the Honey on a flat spin-putt line and it will tip early and drop hard. This is advantageous when you are worried about hazards behind the basket. The Honey is a great hyzer putting option where it oozes with consistency because of the low gide, but it is still a 4-speed so it can easily make it to your target.

Do you need a turbo-putt disc that can handle power? Look no further than the Honey. The Honey will not fly as far as some glidier options, but it is consistent and handles a ton of torque.

Honey Putter Flight Notes

Go ahead and rip the Honey, it is not going to flip. Release full power and near flat and the Honey may fly 225 feet before fading out hard. Tip up to an anhyzer and you may get a little more distance but you still won’t get much turn. Surprisingly, even the ultra-lightweight Helium Honey barely flips until it is broken in. Throw it hard and high on a straight line to get a sharp drop with pin-point accuracy. This is how I got my first ace of 2021.

Essential Discs Honey ace throw

Althought the Honey has the ability to handle torque, it is not a fan of finesse shots. The puddle top can cause nose angle sensitivity on gentle approach shots and the low glide will reduce workability. But don’t worry, finesse is not the reason you throw an overstable putter anyway.

Obviously the Honey excels at hyzer shots. It is faster than most putters but has low glide so you can get a hard rip with a consistent flight every time. Remember, this is not a far flying putter with the low glide. One of the best features of the Honey is that the wind will not toss it even when the flight plate is exposed on a hyzer. It also does not lift as much in a headwind as most overstable putters, and this is even more noticeable as it breaks in and the top puddles.

With a low profile and weight distributed toward the rim, the Honey makes for a great forehand disc. It handles plenty of torqure, only flips a little, and boasts a smooth release. Once you achieve the puddle top you will have even better grip for a hard snap on a forehand.

It is also worth noting that the Carbon plastic is quite grippy when wet which makes it a great disc in the morning dew, rainy weather, or even in the snow.

Essential Discs Honey putter

Essential Honey Comparable Putters

Discraft Zone – Honey is faster with lower glide
Dynamic Discs Suspect – Similar low glide, Suspect is slightly lower profile
Discraft Ringer – Honey is more overstable
Prodiscus Jokeri – Jokeri is slightly deeper
Viking Knife – Honey is faster
Obsidian Splinter – Splinter is more overstable
Gateway Devil Hawk – Honey is faster

Essential Discs Honey Conclusions

The Essential Discs Honey brings consistency to a new level. This is not a beginner’s putter and it belongs in the hands of experienced disc golfers who want a controllable overstable disc that powers through any situation at lower speeds. Any sacrifice of finesse is well worth the gains in dependability for this putter.

When you’re ready to test a Honey for yourself you can see all the options here!

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