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2020 Holiday Disc Golf Gift Guide

Our 2021 Holiday Disc Golf Gift Guid is available and you can see it here: https://www.dgputtheads.com/2021-holiday-disc-golf-gift-guide

The holidays are within sight and with quarantine this year, most of us have gotten behind in our shopping. Not only that, but there was a huge influx of new disc golfers this year so you may need to find a great gift for a new disc golfer. New disc golfer or seasoned disc golfer, we have some great holiday gift ideas for you!

Below you will find two sections, one highlighting our favorite disc golf disc ideas, and another with disc golf gift recommendations for beginners.

Best Disc Golf Gifts in 2020

There are a few new disc golf items this year that we think will make for the best disc golf presents because they are unique or innovative. There are also a few here that we just think every disc golfer should own.

DiscDot Putting Targets

DiscDot putting targets are plastic balls a little larger than a quarter that snap onto the chains of a disc golf basket. These give you a specific target to aim for while putting and make it easier to tell if you’ve hit your target. You can even get them in glow plastic for night putting. DiscDot offers other products like glow zipper pulls and distance markers. The cost is low and they are effective so we think they would make a great disc golf stocking stuffer. 

DiscDots disc golf putting target

You can order a set of DiscDots putting targets here!

External Battery Pack

External battery packs are great to carry on the course to keep your phone charged, especially for old phones. Unfortunately most people don’t think of it until it’s too late which is why this makes a great gift for your special disc golfer. We recommend the Anker PowerCore because it is very small and powerful, it’s a great price point for a gift, and Anker is a trusted brand.

Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

Kwik-Stik XLF Disc Retriver

We include a disc golf retriever on our best disc gift ideas article every year because we still think every disc golfer should carry one. The Kwik-Stik XLF is more expensive than others, but we also recently rated it as the best disc golf retriever. The Kwik-Stik XLF has great reach and grabs discs well, it has easily paid for itself 5 times over for us in the past year alone.

Kwik-Stik XLF disc retriever

You can pick up a Kwik-Stik XLF for your beloved disc golfer here.

HotHands Hand Warmers

Hand warmes are a must have for playing disc golf in the cold months. We use HotHands frequently.

HotHands Hand Warmer Value Pack

You’ll get bonus points for also getting foot warmer inserts!

HotHAnds Insole Foot Warmers

Disc Golf Stool

More officially known as a disc golf tournament seat, these portable folding stools are quite useful for full day disc golf events. At around $30 it is not a large investment, but often not something a disc golfer wants to buy for him or herself.

You can see a few tournament seat options here!

Gifts for New Disc Golfers in 2020

A new disc golfer is sure to love any of the disc golf gift ideas above, but sometimes new disc golfers will benefit even more from less specialized disc golf gifts. Here area few great gifts for beginner disc golfers.

Official Rule Book

No disc golfer should be without a rulebook, and they come at a great disc golf stocking stuffer price point.

PDGA Official Rule 

Discraft Buzzz

The most exciting gift for any disc golfer to receive is usually a new disc! Discraft’s Buzzz is always one of the most recommended discs for a beginner because it is a versatile and controllable midrange driver. You can read more about it here at our Discraft Buzzz review.

Discraft Supercolor ESP Buzzz

You can see all of your Discraft Buzzz options here!

Innova Leopard

The Leopard is another commonly recomended disc for disc golf beginners. This is a driver, so it is faster than the Buzzz, and faster discs can be more exciting. However, the Leopard is relatively slow compared to most drivers and it is controlable.

Innova Leopard Disc Golf Driver

Find an Innova Leopard for you disc golfer here!

Infinite Discs Slinger Bag

Infinite Discs Slinger Bag

Great small disc golf bag that slings over your shoulder. The Slinger is lightweight and inexpensive. This is much better than using a cooler or empty 6-pack box.

Infinite Discs Slinger Disc Golf Bag

Practice Basket

Any serious disc golfer should have a practice basket. Practice baskets are more pricey than the other recommended disc golf gifts on this list so you’ll want to find a good one for your money. Inventory is low on a lot of practice baskets, but the Dynamic Discs Recruite Lite is available and is a great basket for your money.

disc golf practice basket

You can pick up a Dynamic Discs Recruite Lite here.

Infinite Discs Deal Box

A box of 7 discs from various manufacturers guaranteed to have a a great variety to give new disc golfers a chance to try different types of discs. This is an amazing deal and the mystery aspect is always exciting. This is one of our favorites even as experienced disc golfers!

Pick up your Infinite Discs mystery Deals Box here!


We hope that you have foudn these disc golf gift ideas helpful, but we’re sure there are plenty more out there. If you find something else that you think makes for a great disc golf present, please share it with us and maybe we can include it in next year’s article. After all, if you give a disc golfer a disc, they will probably want another disc to go with it!


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