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DiscDot Review

DiscDot USA is a new disc golf company that is looking to bring you unique and innovative products. We’re excited to tell you about the DiscDot and the Distance Marker, both of which are aiming to improve your putting practice.

What is a DiscDot?

Simply put, the DiscDot is a disc golf targeting aid. It easily attaches to a chain link on most baskets and provides a high-visibility target for putting practice. They offer several different color options including red, yellow, and blue. They also have a UV option in pink, blue, and orange that promises to be more vibrant in the sunlight. And of course, they have a glow in the dark option that could be very useful in improving your disc golf in the dark.

How does a DiscDot help my putting?

Let’s start by answering a simple question: how do you aim your putt? We asked this same question in a Twitter poll recently and the results were intriguing.

Now be honest, how do you aim your putt? If you are aiming at a specific chain link, do you choose the same one each time? Do you change based on the distance? These are specific questions that dedicated practice with the DiscDot would help you narrow down.

For those of you who aim in the general direction of the basket or who don’t really aim at all, I’d suggest you take some practice time with something like the DiscDot to help you narrow down a more precise and reliable aiming point.

If you aim at the pole or somewhere else like the top band of the basket, DiscDot could help you become more precise by aiming at a focused target. But if you’re already consistent by aiming at the pole, maybe the DiscDot isn’t for you. This is the category I fit in. I generally aim at the top of the pole for short putts and just above the basket on longer putts. In this case, I found a new and interesting use of the disc dot. Rather than using it as a targeting device, I placed it on different chains and tried to aim in a fashion that my disc would hit the DiscDot. This really allowed me to dial in putts from specific distances.

Chris found another interesting use by attaching two DiscDots at different spots on the basket. By throwing putters at alternating DiscDots he could figure out which spot was better at catching the disc for his putting style. We all know that hitting the ‘Am side’ results in more spit-outs, but you could test on DiscDot at the pole and one closer to the side or even two different links on the same chain.

How do I use a DiscDot Distance Marker?

The distance marker is another interesting product from DiscDot USA. It is a very simple crosshair shaped tool that allows you to mark a specific location for putting practice. Simply place the distance marker on the ground and gently step on it to embed it into the turf.

This nifty device makes it easy to return to the same exact location for future practice sessions. Chris and I found it rather useful when setting up “the range”, our favorite disc golf putting game. Sure, you can use a mini-marker, another disc, or some other household items to mark your location but the DiscDot distance marker conveniently stays where you put it.

What else does DiscDot USA sell?

At this point, they have some really nice glow in the dark zipper pulls. Chris and I both found a valuable use for these on our bags. We both have a Grip EQ Discraft bag. The side pockets have two zippers. One opens the pocket and the other expands the size of the side pocket. For whatever reason, I always open the wrong zipper when trying to get something out of my bag. So, we both put zipper pulls on the actual pocket-opening zipper. The glow in the dark feature is pretty cool as the sun goes down.

They also have several different keychain options.

Are DiscDots worth my time?

We have obviously putted sufficiently without DiscDots for years, but they do enhance practice. For such a small price, the DiscDot has made my practice time more engaging. Mindlessly chucking putters at the chains is not a great practice. Focusing on a specific aim point has helped me maintain more effective practice habits.

If you’re looking to make your putting practice more effective, jump over to Infinite Discs to get your own DiscDot.

Disclaimer: We are affiliated with Infinitediscs.com but we will still provide our honest opinion and will never recommend an item unless we have tested it and believe in its quality. We also fully support Infinite Discs and the customer service that they provide and would do so even without any affiliation. We are also affiliated with Amazon.com and may receive a small commission on items purchased after clicking our links. We truly appreciate your support.

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