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Sportsack and Super-Towel Review

Sportsack LLC is a small company that has found a niche in the grip bag market.  Sweaty hands and rainy days can ruin many fine experiences on the disc golf course but not if you bring the right equipment.

“Sportsack is a small family owned business with a passion for helping athletes improve their play. We started using Sportsacks ourselves 20+ years ago that were hand sewn together. Today we still manufacture every Sportsack ourselves right here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we have just refined the process a bit to be a bit more efficient.” – President and Co-founder Chris McKeehan

The Sportsack

If you watch or play enough disc golf, chances are you’ve come across at least one player that uses some sort of dirt or rosin bag prior to throwing.  The purpose, if you aren’t aware, is to remove moisture from your hand and/or disc prior to throwing.  On hot and humid days, a tiny bit of moisture can lead to some inconsistent performance.

There are several different options for your sweaty hands, but the Sportsack is different in that it leaves no residue.  The beads sewn inside absorb moisture and dry out quickly, allowing you to use it for an entire round with no clean up.

The Sportsack works rather well for those early rounds when the morning dew tends to accumulate on your disc.  Wipe the disc off with a towel, which never cleans it entirely, and then smack the Sportsack against the disc to dry it completely.

The Super-Towel

Speaking of towels, the Sportsack company has a new towel called the Super-Towel and they sent us a prototype to try out.  We’ve been waiting for the April showers to break so we could get out and try this out after an unseasonably dry winter period.

You’ve used towels before, I’m sure, and you’ve even possibly tried a typical chamois towel.  Your normal cloth towel tends to saturate quickly and then you’re just pushing water around your plastic.  The normal chamois rag will work well for a few holes but it eventually doesn’t absorb enough water until it dries again.  The Super-Towel is different – it’s much thicker helping it to absorb more and making it easier to wring out for use again.  I’ve used this for a few of our post-storm rounds with great results.  Even when the Super-Towel is damp it wipes the raindrops off the disc with a single swipe.



“It is designed to absorb water and you can wipe dirt off with it too. If the towel becomes dirty you can simply wash it by hand, rinse, wring it out and it will be back to normal. The Super-Towel is the perfect complement to The Sportsack to keep your equipment and hands dry in any weather condition.” – President and Co-founder Chris McKeehan

I have found another use for this towel.  I tend to have the opposite problem that requires many to use a rosin bag – dry fingers.  No matter the weather, when I play disc golf my hands dry out.  I’m constantly trying to moisten my fingers before a putt – really risky if you’ve been near poison ivy or deer excrement.  I try to carry a cloth towel just for finger dampening, but it usually makes one pocket of my bag a mess.  The Sportsack Super-Towel allows me to have a damp cloth that doesn’t weigh too much and stays moist for a while.


As mentioned on episode 2 of the Just Throw podcast, I carry the Sportsack for every round.  You’ll find countless uses for a moisture reducing device.  The new Super-Towel is an upgrade to your normal towel and is worth keeping in your bag for those rainy days, or even when your disc finds an unfortunate water hazard.

Do you need these two products?  I’m sure you can get by without them if you’re a casual player who doesn’t play in the rain or dew, or if you’re ok with throwing wet discs.  I like what Sportsack offers with the two products offer for a such a small price.  These two accessories are a solid one-two punch for your rainy weather play.


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