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Chain Cutter’s Union Subscription Review

I first learned about the Chain Cutter’s Union on episode 2 of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast.  I had heard about curation services before, like LootCrate, where a subscriber receives a box of curated goodies on some predefined schedule.  I was immediately interested in how this concept could apply to disc golf.  After all, who wouldn’t want to receive a new disc, shirt, and more, each quarter?

What’s the Deal?

The Chain Cutter’s Union was formed by Jeremy and Greg to provide disc golfers a chance to receive hand-picked goodies and discs in the mail.  Not everyone has access to a disc store and not every store will have all of the accessories available.  The motivation to research cool discs and gadgets combined with the power of purchasing in bulk offers a great value for disc golfers.  

The first disc received from the Chain Cutters UnionWhen you sign up, you’ll select a shirt size and a disc category (putter, mid, driver).  As an awesome added bonus, each box has a theme complete with professional artwork on the disc and shirt.  I’ve been a member since the beginning so let’s take a look at the first two boxes.

Q1 Founder’s Box (Anhyzer Bush)

Disc:The contents of my Chain Cutters Union Box

I chose to receive a putter, naturally, and I received a gorgeous Gateway Devil Hawk.  In my putter search, I had run across several Gateway discs but never the Devil Hawk.  The disc feels fantastic and you’ll get to hear more about it in an upcoming review.  The printed design looks wonderful and I still get excited to pull it out of my bag out on the disc golf course.



The logo of this quarter is very well done and shows nicely on the shirt.  The colors are vibrant and the shirt quality is very good (100% cotton).  I’ve had many people ask about the shirt and how to obtain one themselves.


I had already read a digital copy of the book, but this is a worthwhile read so I was excited to receive another copy.  The book will improve your disc golf game and maybe help you outside of the sport.  Be sure to read our recent review.


Chain Cutter’s Union Sticker
Chain Cutter’s Union Founding Member Patch
Chain Cutter’s Union Logo Mini
An insert describing everything about the contents and a 15% off coupon for NutSac bags

Q2 Search and Rescue Box

Disc:Chain Cutter's Union Search and Rescue Box

This box was equipped with a Dynamic Discs Judge.  Any of our regular readers know that the Judge is one of our favorites discs.  Again, the logo is awesome!  I was a little disappointed with the base-plastic for this month, but I understand it was necessary to keep costs the same as last month.


Another high quality shirt that I can’t wait to wear around town.  The Search and Rescue theme is really captured in the artwork!


The Disc Gator fits the Search and Rescue theme perfectly.  Attach this device to an extendable pole and you’ve got a way to retrieve discs from a tree, over a fence, or in the water.  This is an exciting addition to your disc golf gear as it will make it much easier to get those discs back.  The company sells an extendable tent-pole that is easy enough to carry on the course.  Myself, I opt to leave the retriever and a long painter pole in the car and go back to grab my disc.


Chain Cutter’s Union Sticker
Chain Cutter’s Union Car Decal
Chain Cutter’s Union Logo Mini
An insert describing everything about the contents

Final Verdict

Overall, I’m very pleased with each item in the first two Chain Cutter’s Union boxes.  For your $34 and $4 shipping you get a great value.  The unique logo design on both the shirt and the disc will make others jealous.  Since there aren’t a lot of dedicated disc golf shops – and even fewer are in a location convenient for me – this service will give me a chance to obtain some customized disc golf gear and curated accessories that I wouldn’t know about otherwise.
Chain Cutter's Union Logo
Note: We were not offered anything for this review or even asked to provide feedback to Chain Cutters. 
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