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Best Disc Golf Putters for Beginners

What is the best disc golf putter for beginners?

These are the top putters for a new disc golfer to try:

  • Discraft Challenger
  • Innova Aviar
  • Infinite Discs Myth
  • Dynamic Discs Warden
  • Westside Swan 1 Reborn
  • MVP Atom
  • Latitude 64 Pure
  • Gateway Magic
  • Prodigy PA4

Why Are These The Best Begginer Disc Golf Putters?

disc golf beginner putters

We’ve tested each of these putters extensively and found they have characteristics that we believe are beneficial for new disc golfers.

Most beginning disc golfers benefit from high glide putters that allow them to focus on their putting form instead of generating power.  These beginner disc golf putters also show flight characteristics that are mostly stable (straight) to slightly understable (turn right when thrown right-hand back-hand).  Overstable putters (fade left when thrown right-hand back-hand) can give new disc golfers difficulty, but putters that are severely understable can result in developing bad putting habits and may slow progress.

Just to be clear, there are many other putters that will work great for beginners, but these are the putters that we most commonly recommend to new disc golfers based on their preferences.  And just for the record, these putters are not exclusively for beginners, they work great for advanced disc golfers also.

Beginner Friendly Disc Golf Putters

There are specific reasons why we commonly recommend this list as the best beginner disc golf putters.  Read on to learn what makes each putter a great choice for a beginner.

Discraft Challenger

The Discraft Challenger is slightly more overstable than the other putters on this list.  However, it is a slow speed with high glide and extremely workable.  It should feel comfortable for most putting styles and feels like a traditional putter with the blunt nose.  Discraft now also offers the Challenger SS which is even more beginner friendly but offers the same great feel of the original Challenger.  Check out your Challenger options here.

Innova Aviar

The Innova Aviar is one of the most popular putters made and is often the first recommendation for a beginning disc golfer.  This is one of the most versatile discs available and it comes in many variations to suit your evolving putting style.  The Aviar is the quintessential disc golf putter.  View your Aviar choices.

Infinite Discs Myth

The Infinite Discs Myth is a great all-around putter with a blunt nose and stable flight.  It is great for testing any type of putting style and has plenty of glide to allow a beginner to focus on form along with enough stability to keep high consistency.  It also has a great feel in the hand and a cool stamp.  Check out your Myth options here.

Dynamic Discs Warden

The Dynamic Discs Warden is a fairly straight putter with incredible glide.  This allows a beginner to easily toss it toward the basket with little effort.  The high glide of the Warden also give it finesse so you will be able to bend the flight path in ways other putters won’t allow.  The Warden is also not considered understable which may give it extra consistency which makes for a great beginning disc golf putter.  See Warden pricing options here.

Westside Swan 1 Reborn

The Swan 1 Reborn is the most understable putter on this list.  It’s perfect for a beginner that doesn’t have much power.  Since it is available in multiple different plastic options, the Swan 1 Reborn fits well for both spin and push putters. As the beginner player matures this disc becomes a go to option for longer putts.  Check Swan 1 Reborn listings.

MVP Atom

The MVP Discs Atom is one of the straightest discs we’ve ever thrown.  Even better, the Atom also has high glide and it is often difficult to find a high glide putter that is straight.  The Atom uses MVP’s overmold technology giving it a great feel and the added benefit of the overmold’s gyroscopic effect.  The Atom is also a smaller diameter putter than most putters which often feels more comfortable as a beginning disc golf putter.  See your Atom weight and plastic choices here.

Latitude 64 Pure

This is another extremely high glide putter.  The Latitude 64 Pure is known for finesse and ability to find any line.  It’s a beadless putter with a flat top and low profile so it fits comfortably in many disc golfer’s hands.  The Pure has just a little more fade than the Atom which can add confidence to a longer putt.  See Pure prices here.

Latitude 64 Pure Review

Gateway Magic

Gateway’s Magic is a slow but glidey understable putter .  The blunt nose and beadless rim feel great in the hand and it comes in a variety of plastics.  The Magic is easy to control and is especially great for lofty putting styles often used by new disc golfers, but transitions easily to a more standard spin as your putting matures.  See the different Magic plastic options here.

Prodigy PA4

Prodigy PA4 Putt and Approach DiscThe Prodigy PA4 is very similar to the Magic and the main difference will probably come down to the feel of the different plastics and the availability to you.  It may have a touch more glide, but in all honesty you probably won’t notice much difference.  Another versatile beginner option that offers comfort.  Here are your PA4 options!

Other Disc Golf Beginner Options

Next you’ll need to fill you bag with other good beginner discs.  We highly recommend trying an Infinite Discs starter set which we’ve tested and reviewed.  These sets contain quality discs at a great price.

Infinite 2 Disc Starter Set

Infinite Discs Standard Starter Set

Infinite Discs 8 Disc Value Set

If you test the putters on this list and invest in a disc golf starter set then you’re sure to set yourself up for bag success.  Just remember, most important part is getting out to throw!

Other Beginner Disc Golf Resources

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