• Disc Golf Data Book
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    Disc Golf Data: Becoming A Better Disc Golfer

    Order your copy of Disc Golf Data on Amazon! Also available at Infinite Discs here! If you are a retailer and would like to lists Disc Golf Data, please reach out to us through our contact form. Thank you to our sponsors! Disc Golf Data Book You want to become a better disc golfer. You have taken advice from friends, watched videos online, and maybe even taken a clinic or two. Now is the time to take the next step that will propel you ahead of the competition. That next step is data. Data beyond the number of birdies you made or the distance you throw. Expect a book that…

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    Best Disc Golf Disc Retriever

    Losing a disc is awful. The only thing worse than losing a disc is having to abandon a disc that you can see. Since the beginning of time (1976) disc golfers have tried to solve this problem, and that has lead to a variety of disc golf disc retrievers. Disc golf retrievers are not created equally, so this disc golf retriever guide will help you decide which disc golf retriever to use and what their strengths are. Keep reading for a list of disc golf retrievers, how we rate each one, as well as links for more information on each disc retriever.

  • disc golf disc weight
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    What Weight Disc Golf Discs Should I Throw?

    What is the best weight for a disc golf disc?Does the weight of a disc golf disc matter?What is a max weight disc?Why would I throw a heavy disc instead of a light disc? Deciding on the proper weight for a disc golf disc is difficult and knowing the answer to the above questions can help your disc golf game. Understanding the difference between disc weights is difficult because it requires time and testing, but we can give you a jump start on deciding what weights might fit your game best. These are all very legitimate questions, keep reading to learn more!

  • Disc Golf Games
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    Disc Golf Alternate Games

    If you play a lot of disc golf, especially at the same course, you might be looking for a way to change things up from the traditional stroke play you usually play.  Or maybe you’re looking for some ways to create competition or simulate stress with a friendly wager.  Whatever your reasoning, we’ve got a lot of alternative side games you can play out on the disc golf course.

  • best beginner disc golf putters
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    Best Disc Golf Putters for Beginners

    What is the best disc golf putter for beginners? These are the top putters for a new disc golfer to try: Discraft Challenger Innova Aviar Infinite Discs Myth Dynamic Discs Warden Westside Swan 1 Reborn MVP Atom Latitude 64 Pure Gateway Magic Prodigy PA4 Why Are These The Best Begginer Disc Golf Putters? We’ve tested each of these putters extensively and found they have characteristics that we believe are beneficial for new disc golfers. Most beginning disc golfers benefit from high glide putters that allow them to focus on their putting form instead of generating power.  These beginner disc golf putters also show flight characteristics that are mostly stable (straight)…

  • Disc golf putting tips
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    Disc Golf Putting Tips

    Disc Golf Putting Tips Outline This article contains many disc golf putting tips, so here’s an outline of what we will go over, but don’t stop here because each section includes important details! Choose a disc golf putting style and make sure you’ve considered the pros/cons of each Choose a putter that fits your putting style and know the important features Practice your putting frequently Plan your putt while considering these environmental factors Choose a line for your putt Commit to your putt and focus on the shot Develop and use a consistent pre-putting routine Disc golf putting is one of the most important skills to master in disc golf since…

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    How To Dye A Disc Golf Disc

    Disc golfers love custom discs and place a great deal of sentimental value on disc golf equipment.  It should come as no surprise that many of us have attempted to dye our discs ourselves.  Most of us end up with a mess of mis-colored discs and stained shirts, but a few of us press on and go searching for the best way to die a disc golf disc. I’m with most of you, I’m not good at custom dying discs.  The good news is that you can learn from my mistakes!  This post will go over some basics of dying discs that I’ve experienced and address some important

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    Best Disc Golf Putter

    Updated 1/8/2021Most disc golfers have strong opinions on the best disc golf putter. There are literally hundreds of disc golf putters available now so it can be difficult to know which putter is best.  Below you will find a list of our reccomended best disc golf putters to give you a jump start. Here is a table of contents to help you navigate this list of best disc golf putters: What is the best disc golf putter? The Dynamic Discs Judge is the most popular putter in disc golf and widely considered the best all-around disc golf putter. The Judge is popular because it is controllable and versatile as well…

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    The 5 Most Important Putting Components

    Watch a round of disc golf at the local course or a professional tournament, and you’ll notice something very quickly: there are a lot of different putting styles! Spin, turbo, push, spush, walking, and list could go on.  Each of those basic putting styles has seemingly unlimited possibilities and personalizations.  Zoom out a little and you’ll notice that successful putters have a few basic similarities regardless of individual technique.

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