RPM Discs Tui Putter Review
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RPM Discs Tui Review

The RMP Discs Tui  has a flight that resembles its stamp; intricate, beautiful and precise.  RPM discs has been manufacturing discs for many years but has only recently begun selling them mainstream.  The Tui is their first putter and fills many needs on the disc golf course.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“This is an excellent utility putt and approach disc. With a strong throw the Tui will hold a turnover and won’t fade back.”


Available plastics: Strata, Cosmic, Atomic

Flight Rating:  3,  4,  -1,  0

Initial Reactions

The Tui has a narrow nose and a sloping flight plate that should make it comfortable for most hands.  Of course, you’ll likely overlook the feel at first as the intricate stamp will draw your focus to the putter’s beauty.  It is immediately apparent that the Tui is an excellent understable compliment to the RPM Discs’ Ruru.

RPM Discs Tui Putter Profile

By the Numbers



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Putting Notes

The Tui is a fast speed putter with a narrow nose.  When thrown as an approach the Tui is understable, but inside 50 its speed produces a stable putt that likes to hold a line.  Understable putters are often inconsistent, but again the speed aids in the flight and it is quite consistent.  Almost any putt line can be thrown with the Tui followed by a moderate fade.

The Tui is a high glide putter so it’s easy to hit the target distance with a long putt.  The Tui immediately found a place in my bag because of it’s reliability for 75 to 100 ft (21 to 30 meter) putts.  In turn, you’ll need to watch out for wind since the Tui doesn’t have high stability to fight gusts.

I would suggest that the Tui is best used as a spin putter because of the high speed and glide, along with a narrow nose that aids in a smooth release for spin putters.  As with many high speed putters, the Tui will increase your risk of roll-aways on a miss from a hyzer line.  However, the moderate fade bodes well for easy landings on straight to anyhzer lines.


On upshots, the RPM Discs’ Tui loves turning and gliding out.  Think of it as a longer and faster Discraft Roach with less fade.  Dropping the angle on the Tui allows for a smooth straight shot for around 200 feet (61 meters) or  I can easily hit 250 ft (76 meters) on a long anhyzer.  This provides for an extremely workable approach putter with high accuracy.

The Tui doesn’t like to hyzer much on approach shots or drives, but released high and on a low angle I was able to achieve long and floating hyzer shots that dropped softly.  The Tui has a wonderfully soft landing on almost any type of upshot.  The fade is strong enough to pull out of almost any line but moderate enough that it glides outward for a smooth landing and skipping very rarely.

Being understable, the Tui doesn’t handle forceful forehand shots well.  However, flicks up to 100 ft (45 meters) work quite will and can generage a manageable s-curve.  The narrow profile around the rim allow for a comfortable forehand grip as well.

Final Verdict

The Tui has immediately found a place in my bag (which rarely happens anymore) as my go-to distance putter and a great option for short drives.  The Tui will serve a large range of disc golfers from beginners who are looking for a glidey yet manageable putter to assist their developing abilities all the way to advanced disc golfers looking for a reliable and versatile understable putter.  Beyond the disc’s flight, the stamp is spectacular and will wow your friends every time you pull it out of your bag.

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