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Arsenal Discs C4 Review

Arsenal Discs is a small disc golf manufacturer with a unique lineup. The C4 is the only putter in Arsenal’s lineup and is consistent with their goal of differentiation; the C4 is a unique putter. As we have said about other small and new manufacturers, we love seeing unique and special putters from small companies since there is alread a sea of clones out there from the big companies.

Arsenal Discs c4 Manufacturer Notes

Arsenal Discs C4 Putter Profile

Here’s how Arsenal Discs describes the C4:

With this in your arsenal, you’ll be sure to hit explosive putts

Not much of a description, and we were not met with any unintended explosions after projecting the C4 toward the basket. This C4 plastic has been discontinued and the C4 is out of stock, so this review may just be for your amusement at this point.

C4 Putters Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: Plastic
Flight Rating: 3, 3, 0, 1

Arsenal Discs C4 Initial Reactions

Arsenal Discs C4 putter disc golf

The C4 is a tall feeling putter with a very blunt edge, or you might say a small rounded nose and a deep rim. It’s reminiscent an Innova Polecat with extra contour. It’s not a bad feel but very different from a standard rounded putter. The plastic has an interesting feel, it’s very grippy and also flexible. I was concerned with the durability at first, but I quickly realized that the plastic holds up quite well to use and has a tendancy to return to its original shape after bending. The plastic is more sensitive to temperature than any other plastic I’ve tried; it is very soft and understable at 70 degrees and becomes very firm and straight below 50 degrees.

On their website, Arsenal discusses the emphasis they put into their plastic and specifically the durability. They go as far as to tell us that the plastic is UV resistant to help prevent it from breaking down.

Arsenal C4


Interactive flight chart brought you by DG Puttheads. Compare every disc over at

This flight path is based on the manufacturer numbers but I’d defintiely give the C4 a -1 turn in lower temperatures and possibly a -2.5 in higher temperatures

Arsenal Discs C4 Putting Notes

The C4 is a very straight and slow putter inside circle 2 with moderate glide and a decently strong fade at the end. The moderate glide and straight flight makes for a very consistent and reliable putter that has no problem with the wind. Of course, low glide means that the C4 is not very workable and you’ll be shooting a straight line for the most part.

I find that putting beyond 70 feet (21 meters) I have difficulty reaching the basket due to the low glide so I need to either anhyzer or put more of an approach throw on it. At this point the C4 increases in glide which reduced consistency a little. In lower temperatures this is just fine, but as the C4 becomes more understable in high temperatures I notice it turns more and is less consistent.

The C4 supports most putting styles including push and pitch putting. The only difficulty I found when push putting the C4 was from the flexible plastic, but it held up fine for pitching and was great for turbo putting.

Arsenal Discs C4 Upshots and Approaches

The C4 putter displays a gentle turn on short approaches and turns much harder on longer throws. For this reason I didn’t find it good for driving except in low temperatures where my max distance is around 225 feet (69 meters). The Arsenal C4 putter is a useful understable approach option although not as workable as I’d prefer for an understable disc because of how much it turns in 70 degree temperatures. However, this does offer the ability to throw turn over rollers which will go forever because of the blunt rim. The C4 also displays additional glide on approaches that it does not display when putting, but the glide is still moderate which helps in the wind. The C4 did not handle nose up approaches well and greatly prefers keep the nose level.

In lower temperatures the C4 will flip up on a hyzer line for a long glide and gentle fade. However, it is very difficult to hyzer in high temperatures due to the amount of turn and often flips up early which can be difficult to control. I find it best to stick to hyzer flip shots that have enough height and distance to drop smoothly. The C4 needs to be thrown on a relatively low angle and usually does not perform well when released on an anhyzer angle, but it flips easily enough that any anhyzer line can still be achieved. The C4 is a good tailwind option because it has a high propensity to flip up and ride the wind for extra distance but drop safely due to the slow speed and moderate glide.

Forehands are more comfortable than expected given the shape of the C4, but I needed to flick gently because the C4 doesn’t play nicely with much torque. The C4 would be a good option on tight wooded courses because of the flexible plastic and abilty to turn at low power. Unfortunately at low temperatures the plastic is firm enough that it kicks off trees hard. The plastic is surprisingly durable and it should stand up to repeated tree hits with no problem, but be careful around hills because the blunt nose might allow it to roll away.

Arsenal Discs C4 Comparisons

Innova Polecat – C4 is a little beefier and turns more on throws
Innova Birdie – Birdie has higher glide
Discraft Focus – Focus is much straighter and handles more torque
Latitude 64 Dagger – C4 has lower glide and turns a lot more
Latitude 64 Caltrop – Caltrop handles more torque and is straighter

Arsenal Discs C4 Final Verdict

The C4 is a unique putter and is fun to throw on long anhyzers, but it canges so much depending on temperature that it is not practical for my bag. An advanced player may like this putter for cool weather rounds or gentle approaches all season, but I think the C4 is best used as a moderate glide beginner disc that can be used for approaches and improve putting consistency.

The C4 is currently out of stock, but you can watch for it to come back in stockhere.

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