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The Latitude 64 Caltrop was released in 2016 around the time that many lower glide and overstable putters were hitting the market. With plenty of high glide and finesse putters in their lineup, Latitude 64 filled a hole that many disc golfers are looking to fill in their bag. Here’s how we think it stacks up to the others in the market.

Latitude 64 Caltrop Manufacturer Notes

Latitude 64 Caltrop putter disc

Here’s how Latitude 64 describes the Caltrop:

Stepping up to make an important upshot, putt or short drive, and feel the wind messing with your head? Grab the Caltrop and feel your confidence return. The Caltrop is a throwing putter with raised thumb grip and a solid overstable flight that will help you make those critical shots to stay in the lead.

Latitude Caltrop manufacturer page
Available Plastics: Zero Soft, Zero Medium, Zero Hard, Opto
Flight Rating: 2, 2, 0, 2

Latitude 64 Caltrop Initial Reactions

The first thing you’ll notice about the Caltrop is the thumb track around the outside of the rim. This is a moderate and comfortable thumb track so even if you don’t care for thumb tracks, it may not bother you much. The Caltrop has a high blunt nose and no bead and a profile that is almost considered low but with the thumb track it’s just modrate. Overall it’s a comfortable disc. My surprise was that it is not as overstable as I had expected and althought the glide is moderate, I would rate it at 3 instead of 2.

Latitude 64 Caltrop disc golf

Latitude 64 Caltrop


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Latitude 64 Caltrop Putting Notes

My initial expectation for the Lat 64 Caltrop was very low glide and fairly overtable, something like a Slammer mixed with a Berg. Right away I noticed that it had more glide than I expected, which was fine for putting in most conditions but that meant that it was affected by the wind more than I had hoped. The Caltrop is still better in the wind than glidey putters, but not as consistent in the wind as low glide as putters such as the Berg, Focus, or Scale.

In general, the Caltrop is a point and shoot putter with a slightly overstable flight. The fade is consistent and the moderate glide helps keep this disc under control so it’s great when you’re concerned missing, but it’s also not amazing with wind. The Caltrop does bode well for almost all putting styles where many putters are not as versitile when it comes to form and putting technique. The high and blunt nose resulted in the Caltrop rolling away more frequently than other putters but this can be minimized by using a softer plastic like Zero Soft or even a broken-in Zero Medium.

Latitude 64 Upshots and Approaches

The Caltrop is a good driving puter and generally displays a straight line with a moderate fade. As I mentioned above, it is not as overstable as I anticipated which some disc golfers will enjoy and some will not. The Caltrop’s low glide keeps my comfortable distance to around 225 feet (68 meters). At this distance the Caltrop displays just a slight turn then drops relatively softly. It’s torque resistant, but not as torque resistant as my Focus or the Innova Bullfrog. I felt that it released very smoothly with a fan grip but had trouble throwing this putter with any type of power grip. At shorter distances the Caltrop is deadly straight but still displays a relatively soft drop. The Caltrop is good for light side arm shots because of the comfortable grip and its lower propensity to turn.

The Caltrop doesn’t like hold many lines other than straight because of its moderate glide, but I’d consider it a little more workable than most low glide putters. Put on an anhyzer, the Caltrop will turn at first but begin to pull out early and try to drop straight. It will hold a hyzer a little better and doesn’t flip up often. This disc still doesn’t show as much side to side movement as a glidey putter which increases consistency, but it moves more than I prefer my low glide putters to move. The Caltrop is decent with light breezes but it is still more susceptible to cross winds than I had hoped after hearing Latitude 64’s notes on it.

Latitude 64 Comparables

Dynamic Discs Slammer – Slammer is beefier, more overstable and higher glide
Discraft Focus – Focus is straighter
Reptilian Discs Scale – Caltrop doesn’t fade as hard
Innova Bullfrog – Similar flight, Bullfrog is slightly less glidely
Kastaplast Berg – Berg is more overstable and lower glide
Prodigy PA3 – PA3 is beefier and more consistent

Latitude 64 Final Verdict

The Caltrop is a decent disc and it added a piece that was missing from Latitude 64’s lineup. I personally feel there are other putters that will perform better than the Caltrop in most situations, but you might like the Caltrop if you want a moderate glide putter that still has some lateral movement and especially if you like thumb tracks. The Caltrop will probably appeal more to experienced disc golfers than beginners.

Do you like thumb tracks and moderate glide discs? You can try your own Caltrop here!

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  • Michael

    Just a note… like many discs… the plastic types for the Caltrop each have some different flight properties. The Hard Caltrop is definitely a straight thrower with some glide. The Medium Caltrop is a little more overstable but still a straight thrower with a little more finish. The Soft Caltrop is the most overstable version and has the least amount of glide. I’ve bagged a Soft Caltrop for the past two years and use it for most approach shots inside 150 feet. If it’s super-windy, I might bump up to a Soft Suspect for a similar approach shot.

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