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Reptilian Disc Golf Scale Review

The Scale, Reptilian Disc Golf’s first putter release, is a modification on the ever-popular Gateway Wizard.  Read on as we weigh in on the Scale.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Reptilian Disc Golf Scale is the model for reliability. An overstable flyer that feels almost identical to a Wizard in the hand. If you like throwing putters off the tee, look no further than the Scale. It can hold up to all the power you can give it. Fossil plastic was developed to season like the “Pro” plastic of yesteryear. Check it out and you’ll be hooked!”

“Fossil plastic is one of our signature proprietary blends. Developed for the golfer that prefers a stiffer putter, Fossil plastic is built to wear in evenly and predictably. Golfers who prefer to carry multiples of a single mold will find that the Fossil plastic will season up for a perfect cycle. Fossil is only available in bright white & always molds up flat, firm and perfectly grippy. We developed this blend with classic pro feeling plastics in mind. The RDG brain trust is confident in saying that we have nailed our desired feel. Grab your favorite mold in Fossil plastic today!”

Available plastics: Fossil

Flight Rating: 2 speed, 1 glide, 0 turn, 3 fade (estimated)

Initial Reactions

Every time I pick up this disc, I can’t help but wonder where the other eye is.  Just like the Serpent, there’s a track on the flight plate and the fossil plastic provides a firm disc with a nice grip.  As the manufacturer states, this does feel like a Gateway Wizard.

Reptilian Disc Golf Scale Profile

By the Numbers

Reptilian Scale


Interactive flight chart brought you by DG Puttheads. Compare every disc over at

 It may feel like a Wizard, but the flight numbers are almost identical to the Innova Rhyno.

Gateway Wizard vs Reptilian Scale
Gateway Wizard (left) vs Reptilian Disc Golf Scale (right)

Putting Notes

For such an overstable putter with minimal glide, I still felt comfortable putting inside the circle with the Scale.  You’ll see a need to aim for the fade much sooner than with the Serpent, of course, but I didn’t have trouble calibrating the distance.  The firm flight plate lends itself well to push putting, but spin putters may like the forgiveness of an overstable disc.

The Fossil plastic is wonderful once again.  Clean release and great grip combine to give confidence while holding the Scale.  If you are comfortable with a Gateway Wizard in “Soft” plastic but found it to be a little slippery, you certainly need to try the Scale.

This is a great putter to use in the wind with the overstable flight, but the same curious nuances I noticed testing the Serpent with the groove in the flight plate cause me some concern until I can put some more time in to practicing.


To me, the Wizard has always shined in this area.  My favorite shot is a huge anhyzer flex shot that makes a big S-curve before gliding straight for a long time.  On this line, the Scale does perform well, however the S-curve is condensed because of the lack of glide.  Think about the difference between a capital S and a lowercase s to understand the differences in flight.

I have had very good luck with the Scale on a hyzer line.  I executed several short hyzer-spikes that poor tee shots necessitated.  Grenades and overhand shots are also consistent wit the Scale.  At low power on a straight line, you’ll see plenty of fade before the disc plummets quickly to the ground.  If you need a short and straight shot, I’m sure there’s a better disc in your bag.

Are you looking for a driving putter that resists turnover (well, for normal arms at least)?  Off the tee I can give the scale every bit of my power, with a power grip, and it barely turns right before fading back left.  Not quite like a Firebird, which is good since that is a 9 speed driver, but more like a brand new Roc 3, or a Buzzz OS maybe.  Due to the low speed and glide combined with a high fade, I’m not getting a lot of distance out of these drives but I notice a very consistent flight that seems forgiving as well.

Scale and Serpent Putters
The 1-2 Putter Punch from Reptilian Disc Golf

Final Verdict

The Scale may finally be my answer to the Kastaplast Berg that Chris uses so often.  Think of the Scale like a shorter Prodiscus Jokeri or a reduced flight Wizard.  I certainly wouldn’t put this in a beginner’s hands, but anyone looking for a driving putter that doubles as an overstable approach disc should take a serious look at the Scale.  Personally, I have replaced the Wizard in my bag with the Scale because I feel like the Serpent and Scale work so well as a one-two punch.

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