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Gateway Wizard Review

You’ve probably heard the Gateway Wizard described as one of the best disc golf putters available.  That’s because it is.

Gateway’s Notes On the Wizard

“Our most popular disc of any kind, the Gateway Wizard™ is a true, stable workhorse putter. The Wizard holds whatever line you throw it with very little fade during its drop, and is also a great putter in windy conditions. While stiff enough to hold its line on long putts, the Wizard’s plastic is grippy enough to grab chains every time.
The Wizard handles controlled power very well, thus makes an excellent choice off the tee for midrange drives, in addition to upshots. The Wizard is a very consistent and accurate disc that should find its way into your bag.”

Available plastics: Evolution, soft, super soft, super stupid soft, rff, eraser, organic, glow, countless other Gateway plastics that we won’t even try to list

Flight Rating:  3,  5,  0,  2

Gateway Wizard Initial Reactions

The Wizard simply fits in my hand and is comfortable in every situation.  This is the best high-glide all-around putter that I’ve experienced and it immediately boosted my confidence. The Wizard has a decent sized bead which would typically displease my small hands, but I don’t notice it at all.  

Gateway Wizard Profile

Gateway Wizard By the Numbers

Gateway Wizard


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Wizard Putting Notes

The Gateway Wizard is a consistent overstable putter.  Inside the circle the fade is always the same.  When put on a straight line it will continue straight and drop quickly left at the end of the flight.  The Wizard will hold an anhyzer inside the circle but break the hyzer about halfway through.  I recommend using the Wizard on a hyzer line which it holds the line all the way to the chains.

The one downfall to the Wizard is that it has such high glide that it can be pushed hard by the wind as it starts to fade and expose its flight plate to the wind.  This only occurs with a right to left cross wind for a right hand spin putter, or a left to right cross wind for a left hander, but this is common among most high glide putters and is not necessarily unique to the Wizard.

Besides consistency, one of the reasons the Wizard is so popular is because it works with all putting styles.  It’s wonderful for my spin putt, it’s solid for Rodney’s push putt, and it’s my turbo putter of choice when I need to get out of sticky situations.  The Wizard comes in many plastic options, of which I’ve thrown most and have found that they all fly the same and only differ in the feel and the bounce off trees and chains.

Wizard Upshots

As noted in the manufacturer description, the Wizard will hold almost whatever line you throw it on.  Even though it is overstable, it has so much glide that it only gently pulls out of most lines.   It handles hyzers quite well no matter the distance, and when thrown straight it will fly true until it fades gently.  Long anhyzers are a strength of the Wizard as it will hold the line for about two thirds of the flight before it stables out allowing for a flat landing.  The Wizard usually finishes it’s flight with a smooth drip and likes to sit still.  Depending on the type of plastic it may skip on hard ground or stick.  My hard wizard likes to slide, but my RFF wizard likes to bounce once before it settles.

Wizards will also handle short to mid-range flicks quite nicely.  Keep in mind that it’s still a slow disc with the rim of a putter so stronger flicks will sometimes not release cleanly.  It can also handle a fairly powerful backhand snap with a nice gentle turn and s-curve around 250ft or deadly straight shots around 200ft.

Gateway Wizard Final Verdict

The Gateway Wizard is a phenomenal disc and rightfully one of the most popular putters in disc golf. The Wizard has has a feature set that makes it an appealing putter to almost any type of disc golfer and it comes in approximately 5,000 different types of plastic. It would make a great controllable overstable putter for beginners or a go-to workhorse fan advanced players.  I can’t think of anyone who shouldn’t try the Wizard, it is truly one of the best disc golf putters available.

If you’re ready to try test out the Wizard for your disc golf game, you can see the different plastic and pricing options here!

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