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Do you know all your discs?

Quick, can you think of all the discs in your bag?  By name and color?  Maybe this exercise was easy for you.  I normally try to keep a very consistent bag but I’ve been testing so many new discs recently that keeps my bag in a constant state of flux.

On the last hole of a recent solo round, I decided to empty my bag on a short, technical hole in an attempt to find a new line and maybe to hear the chains from afar.  When I finished at the tee and went to collect the plastic, I knew I was looking for 15 discs.  I found 10 immediately and four more with a few moments of searching.  With one more disc to locate, I couldn’t remember anything about it.  What color is this stray disc?  Who manufactured my missing pie plate?  What inaccurate line did it even travel on its way to nowhere?
What disc did I throw?
At this point I came to a huge realization.  I have no chance of knowing each disc in my bag if I can’t even remember what discs I just threw.  How do I know what this mystery disc does in the wind if I can’t even remember the color?  How do I know if it flexes out of an anhyzer if I don’t even know its name?
This isn’t new advice, but we tend to ignore that advice when there is a chance to try out a new disc.  I’ll repeat the advice Chris gave me early on in my career:
Play with fewer discs than you think you need and learn them all intimately
I did finally find my misplaced plastic friend – a yellow Boss that I stuck in my bag with the intent to break it in.  How did I lose a day-glow yellow disc in green grass?  Perhaps that’s something to be answered later.  For now, get out and learn something new about each disc in your bag.
 A day-glow Innova Boss hidden in the grass
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