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Gateway Voodoo Review

The Gateway Voodoo is among several great putter options molded by Gateway Disc Sports, often referred to as the putter company.  We’re sure it would have been the putter of choice for a certain iconic rock star.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Voodoo is Gateway’s newest, fastest, and most accurate putt/approach disc. It is a great lay-up disc or straight-line putter. The mold is similar to the Wizard™ with a significantly smaller “nub” on the rim, and thus feels very comfortable in your hand. It also flies like a broken-in Wizard.”

Available plastics: Soft, Super Soft, Super Stupid Soft, Evolution

Flight Rating: 3 speed, 4 glide, 0 turn, 1 fade
estimated by Puttheads

Initial Reactions

The Gateway Voodoo feels a little like their Wizard, which is one of our favorite discs. Very comfortable and a little smaller diameter than some other putters, this putter has a micro-bead that is barely noticeable.

Gateway Voodoo Profile

By the Numbers

Gateway Voodoo


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Putting Notes

Where the Wizard begins life on the Overstable side, the Gateway Voodoo is very stable – meaning straight/neutral.  Inside the circle the disc putts nicely with both spin and push styles.  Easy to aim and easy to release, the Voodoo is surprisingly more consistent than the Wizard.  As you take the it further away from the basket you’ll notice a little less glide than the Wizard, but the neutral stability keeps it going straight for a little longer too.

We’re big fans of the putter plastics that Gateway offers, and this “Soft” Voodoo is no exception.  It performs well in many different conditions.  I didn’t have too much trouble putting with this in the wind and more practice would certainly help, but I’d probably look for a different putter as the breeze increases past 20 mph.


For longer throws with the Voodoo, I enjoyed putting the disc on different lines.  It works nicely with a slight anhyzer where it will turn and flex to flat.  A low power hyzer will keep the line and cut left at the end.  Power up a hyzer and you’ll see the Voodoo flip up flat and turnover slightly depending on your power level.

Since the Gateway Voodoo is a stable putter, it doesn’t tend to skip upon landing.  It also doesn’t handle a full power flick all that well.  That said, a softer flick at a higher trajectory is quite fun.  Throw it up in the air, watch it turn left, and glide at your target.

Final Verdict

Once again we reviewed another great putter from Gateway that handles well no matter your putting style.  If the Wizard is too overstable for your liking or you don’t like a bigger beaded putter, the Voodoo needs to be the next putter you try.

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