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Gateway Disc Sports Element Review

The Gateway Element fills that gap between your putter and midrange when you need a light throw with some distance, but you won’t be disappointed with medium distance touch shot either.  Available in both Diamond and Sure Grip (and a few other plastics), this disc is guaranteed to add an element of finesses to your short game.

Gateway Disc Sports Element Notes

“The Gateway Element is a fantastic all-around mid-range.  This disc will hold any angle you throw with unbelievable glide.  If you throw it flat it will go extremely straight with very little fade at the end of its flight.  Anhyzers will keep turning.  And hard thrown hyzers will flip up to flat.”

Gateway Element Page

Available plastics: Diamond, Super Glow, Platinum, Sure Grip

Flight Rating:  5, 5, -2, 1

Gateway Element Reactions

The Element fits nicely in the hand with a small rim and only a slight dome on the Diamond mold and a very nice flat top on the Sure Grip.  The Element has a relatively large diameter compared to similar discs; it has a 22.1cm diameter compared to a Lat 64 Fuse at 21.9cm or a Discraft Sting at 21.4cm.

Gateway disc golf element profile

Gateway Element By The Numbers

gateway element disc flight chart
Flight chart produced by Disc Golf Puttheads

I feel that it’s important to note that the plastic makes a large difference.  The Diamond run actually displays more turn and the Sure Grip is more likely to fly straight (especially when new).

Gateway Element Flight Notes

The Element is definitely best described as a touch disc that loves soft approaches but can be thrown harder if you’re confident.  At a normal release angle, the Element is an extremely straight flyer inside 200 ft (60 meters) with  a fade comparable to an overstable putter.  The difference is the Element’s incredible glide plus higher speed than a putter let it cut through a stiff breeze better than a stable putter.  Beyond 200 ft the element turns unless I reduce snap or release on a significant down angle.  No matter the angle or type of shot, the Element will fight to hold the line unless it is significantly powered up.  Any distance from 200-300 feet was a comfortable with the Element with a wide variety of lines and it wasn’t until beyond 325 feet I began to lose control of the turn.

I found that the Element makes a surprisingly worthy utility disc due to the amount of glide and versatility.  The Element handles light forehands wonderfully and is a great option for short anhyzer flick shots that need a lot of side to side movement with a light but predictable fade.  I’d compare the Element to Discraft’s Sting although shorter with a little less fade being that it is a slower disc.

Gateway Element Comparisons

Discraft Sting – Similar flight, Sting is faster and smaller diameter
Latitude 64 Fuse – Also a high glide midrange but the Fuse turns a little more
Innova Foxbat – Element is a little faster with more movement
Dynamic Discs Evidence – Element is a little longer with more turn
Discraft Comet – Faster and more torque resistant than the comet (Element has a much pointier nose), but similar glide and flight shape. 

Gateway Element Final Verdict

Gateway’s Element will has the potential to add finesse and touch to any disc golfer’s game.  This is a short and glidey midrange that would be perfect for beginners to learn with or advanced players to use on approaches or tight lines.  The different plastic options will provide many opportunities to find an Element perfect for you.

Find your perfect Gateway Element here today!

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  • Bill Scholtens

    You compared the Element to one Discraft disc: the Sting.

    I’d love to have you compare it to another high-glide Discraft disc: the Comet.

    • Chris Bawden

      Done 🙂 The discs don’t feel similar at all, but the flight shape is similar for me although the Element flies further. The Swirly Glo ESP Comet handles more torque than most Comets so there’s actually some overlap in the two for me. If I were to throw both at 70% power, the Element would probably fly about 25 feet further than my Swirly Glo Comet and turn a touch less. Element definitely handles the wind and high angles better whereas the Comet is usually a better choice for shots under 200 feet.

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