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Galaxy Disc Golf Magneton Review

Galaxy Disc Golf enters the disc golf market with the Magneton, a low profile putter.  Will this putter be your magnetic moment?

Galaxy Disc Golf Magneton Putter Notes

“The Magneton is a very straight, stable flyer, which has medium glide. We challenge all the other putters with this model. This putter will become a trusted disc for approach shots as well.”

Galaxy Disc Golf on the Magneton

Available plastics: E Class
Flight Rating: 2, 3, 0, 2

Magneton Initial Reactions

My first reaction on the Magneton was in regard to the plastic.  Galaxy Disc Golf talks about the E Class plastic:

“The E Class plastic has taken a very long time to develop. The TPE used in this blend has a more grippy feel, along with above average durability for this level of plastic. Grip, Durability, Reliability all in one, at a price you will love.”

The grippy feel is fantastic!  It gives the sense of control without being too tacky or spongy.  In wet conditions I had no problem controlling the disc.  Durability is tough to judge without spending months with the disc.  After several hours of field time, the disc is showing a little warping but it isn’t terrible.

The mold feels very comfortable with the shallow and beadless rim.  I don’t know if this is a feature with all Magneton putters or just the one I received but there is a slight puddle top too.

Galaxy Discs Magneton Profile

Galaxy Disc Golf Magneton By the Numbers

While Galaxy Disc Golf has labeled this putter with a 2 fade, I feel it is closer to a 1 fade.  Our flight chart reflects this opinion.  As with most other putters, it is possible to heave this further than the 230’ shown in the chart, but it begins to show more turn as you overpower it.

Magneton Putting Notes

I enjoyed putting with the Magneton.  The low profile matched with a grippy plastic and a flight plate that is just firm enough makes for a good combination for push putting.  Longer putts with the Magneton show that it has a little less glide than my normal putters (Judge or Myth).  Reduced glide gives some confidence that the putter won’t go too far past the basket in the event of a miss.

Upshots and Approaches with the Magneton

So many low profile putters I’ve tried are understable but the Magneton offers straighter flight.  The 2 fade shows up on lighter throws but a stronger effort will leave less movement at the end.  Compared to other 2 fade putters, the Magneton doesn’t move as far left, a feature that I would attribute to the lower glide.  In the air, the Magneton reminds me of the Axiom Envy, one of my favorite driving putters.  Albeit with a slower flight and less glide that leads to less distance.

Magneton Compared to Other Putters

Dynamic Discs Judge: Magneton has less turn and less fade on full throws with a lot less glide.
Infinite Discs Myth: Magneton has similar turn, less fade, and a little less glide.
Axiom Discs Envy: Magneton has a similar flight but less speed and less glide.

Magneton Final Verdict

I’m always interested to see how a new disc manufacturer enters the market.  With the Magneton, Galaxy Disc Golf offers a reliable and versatile putter with a low profile feel.  The E Class plastic feels really nice and the only outstanding question is the durability.  It also bears mentioning that the Galaxy Disc Golf inventory seems to sell at a slight discount.

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