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2018 Disc Golf Gift Guide

Holiday season is almost here and it’s time to think of disc golf gifts for your special disc golfer.  Or perhaps you are a disc golfer and you need to supply a few disc golf holiday gift ideas to your family members who haven’t got the slightest clue what gift to give to a disc golfer.  Relax, we got your back.

We’ve been playing disc golf for many years and have tested a wide variety of disc golf items and we’re ready to give you our recommendations on the best disc golf gifts for this year.  The following list is not in any particular order but should help you decide the best present to give to a disc golfer.

Gift A New Disc Mold

Sometimes you want to go simple and give discs, but of course you’ll want something new and exciting.  Here are a few of our favorite molds from this year that would make excellent disc golf holiday gifts (especially if you’re doing a disc golf white elephant exchange).

Infinite Discs Pharaoh

Infinite Discs Pharaoh– Infinite Disc’s maximum distance driver that gives you serious power.  Feels kind of like a Shryke with a touch less turn.  Here’s our Pharaoh review.

Gateway Disc Sports Prophecy – Gateway’s new go-to midrange, deadly straight with consistency and a reliable fade.  Also available in Gateway’s new premium Diamond plastic.  Here’s our Prophecy review.

Discraft Vulture – New control driver that has glide for days and is quite workable.  Similar to a Predator but longer and not as overstable.  Here’s our Vulture review.

Discraft Vulture Review disc golf

Flight Towel

Flight Towel is a unique disc golf accessory.  It’s a towel attached to a piece of disc rim intended for warming up.  We are currently reviewing the Flight Towel and have so far been impressed and are ready to recommend it.  Watch for our upcoming review, and in the mean time you can see details and check your options here.

Disc Golf Puttheads Apparel

disc golf puttheads dgputtheads apparel

Just in time for the holidays, we have set up a shop so you can give DGPH apparel as a unique disc golf disc!  We currently have shirts and coffee mugs and will be expanding soon.

Check out your DGPH apparel options here.

Friction Gloves

Friction Gloves Disc Golf Review

We suggested these after we did a review of Friction Gloves last year, but now Friction Gloves has a winter set available.  We’ve always been a big fan and recommend any type of Friction Gloves a thoughtful disc golf present.  You can get a single glove or a pair from Infinite Discs but you’ll need to go to the Friction Glove site for their warm pair (review coming soon).

ProPull Disc Golf Resistance System

ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Band Training

Here’s one that’s talked about a lot because it’s unique but many disc golfers just aren’t sure if they want to put in the effort to train.  We’ve reviewed the Propull Disc Golf Resistance trainer and we believe that it works and is worth having.  You can pick up a ProPull system at a very reasonable $24.99 here.

Give a Disc Golf Book

There are a few disc golf books out now that would make excellent holiday disc golf gifts depending on your audience.  Here are a couple we recommend:

Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket

Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket – One of the first disc golf children’s books available, and we did a quick review of Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket here.

Zen and the Art of Disc Golf and the sequel Discs and Zen – One of the original disc golf books with great philosophy and written by a great guy!

PDGA Membership

There a plenty of disc golfers out there who have not yet invested in a membership for various reasons.  At $50 for an amateur membership, a PDGA membership makes a great holiday gift for a disc golfer when you want to do something unique and meaningful.  You can sign up for PDGA here!

UV Light for Glow Disc Golf

UV lights are the type of accessory that every disc golfer should own but very few actually purchase, which is why we think it would make a great disc golf disc.  We reviewed different types of UV lights for disc golf in an article, but here are our quick recommendations for gifts:

glow disc golf UV lights

DemoGrid UV and White Flashlight Combo – Larger and bulkier, very high quality and can be used for more than just disc golf.

MVP UV Flashlight – Small and portable, works great.

Can’t Think of Disc Golf Gift?

How about a gift card?  It’s an easy way to tell someone you care about that you support his or her disc golf habit but just don’t know enough to trust giving them a disc golf holiday present.  Grab an Infinite Discs disc golf gift card today!

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We are affiliated with Infinitediscs.com but we will still provide our honest opinion and will never recommend an item unless we have tested it and believe in its quality.  We also fully support Infinite Discs and the customer service that they provide and would do so even without any affiliation.

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