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How To Choose A Disc Golf Starter Set

You’re looking for a starter set for yourself or maybe for you son/daughter who just started playing. That’s awesome! But it’s hard to know what to look for if you haven’t played much yourself. We’ve worked with a lot of beginner disc golfers and have seen first hand what sort of discs work well and encourage progress in new disc golfers. The best disc golf starter set will usually hit most of these characteristics.

Disc Golf Starter Set Considerations

Medium to Low Speed Options

One of the most common mistakes we see is new disc golfers grabbing the fastest driver they can find expecting to get serious distance. It’s much better to start with medium to low speed discs which are more controllable and will help a beginning disc golfer learn proper form. New disc golfers often use poor form techniques in attempt to control high speed drivers. We recommend looking at fairway or midrange drivers (5 to 9 speed) and a putter (2 to 3 speed) to start.

One of our favorite starter packs is a three disc set by Infinite Discs which includes a 2 speed putter, 5 speed midrange, and 9 speed fairway driver which can be found on Amazon for $20.

Infinite Discs 3 Disc Starter Set

Stable to Understable Discs

Stability refers to which direction the disc tends to fly when thrown with appropriate power. Understable discs are easier for beginners to control and usually require less power to achieve distance and consistency. This is opposed to overstable discs which are more difficult to throw; these discs hook harder and drop out of the air faster. Stable (straight) discs and understable discs help beginners focus on using proper form to get a disc to fly correctly, rather than just putting as much power into a disc as possible. It is important that a new thrower experience discs of different stability so the best disc golf beginner sets will usually have a stable and understable option.

Good Variety

As mentioned above, new throwers will benefit from testing different types of discs. It is still important to pick a few discs and learn those discs well, but being able to compare how discs fly compared with each other can be very useful. Just because two discs fly somewhat straight, doesn’t mean that they are the same disc. Understanding the difference in disc speed is crucial and feeling the difference between a fast disc and a slow disc in your hand can help.

Buying a large assortment of discs can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re getting, so we recommend a large starter set like this one that also comes a great value ($59.99 for 8 discs).

Infinite Discs 8 Disc Starter Set

This set does come with a high speed driver and an overstable driver which will allow a new disc golfer feel the extra effort required to throw these type of discs.

Low Cost

This one is easy. New disc golfers have no idea what they’ll like or dislike so it doesn’t make sense to buy expensive discs and equipment. Low investment and wide variety is the key until you’re more seasoned. All of the starter sets we link to in this article have a low price per disc.

If you haven’t experienced much disc golf and you’re looking for minimal investment, you might consider the Infinite Discs 2 disc starter set on Amazon for $15.99

Infinite Discs 2 Disc Starter Set

Be careful using price as the only deciding factor in your search for a starter set. Stick to the typical disc golf brands like Discraft, Innova, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Infinite Discs. There are other good brands but these offer a wide array of options and have established a reputation of quality in the industry.

Appropriate Plastic Durability

We recommend a mix of durabilities to gain a better understanding of how different plastics fly and break in. Each plastic has different grip and flies a little differently. Understanding the break in period of a disc is important in disc golf because discs fly differently as they break in.

High durability plastic will obviously last much longer, but it can also take so long to break in that a beginner disc golfer never gets to experience its change over time. You may also want drivers in higher durability because they are thrown harder and may break in more quickly. However, high durability often has less grip. Low durability plastic often has superior grip and breaks in more quickly which can make it easier to throw, but often breaks in so fast that it is can be difficult to tell if it is the disc changing or the the thrower’s form evolving. Medium durability plastic will offer a compromise so new disc golfer can experience the break in but not so quickly that it’s debilitating.

All of the starter sets we listed above are a mix of Infinite Discs plastics to get a good sense of how the each feel and break in. We’ve got a very comprehensive resource for disc golf plastics here.

Proper Weight

disc golf disc weight

Simply put, light weight discs take less effort to throw and heavy weight discs take more effort to throw. Beginners usually find light weight discs easier to throw and this can help them work on proper form and still get good distance. If a beginner uses light weight discs for too long, he or she can become overly reliant on light weight which can stall progress. For this reason we recommend starting with lighter weight discs (150-165 grams) but experiment with different weight discs over time.

The 2 and 3 disc Infinte Discs starter sets come with lighter weight discs and the 8 disc value pack comes with a variety of weights.

Options For New Disc Golfers

Infinite Deals Disc Box

Starter sets are an excellent way for beginners to get a feel for and learn the basics of disc golf. Consistently using the right equipment over time is important to allow new disc golfers to focus on their form and avoid bad habits. At some point though, all new disc golfers will benefit from expanding their disc arsenal. At this point finding a large variety of discs at a low cost can be helpful and fun. Dynamic Discs, Discraft, and Infinite Discs all offer great deals on mystery boxes. The downside is that you have no idea what will be in the box, but the advantage is you’ll get to test new molds at a good price. Plus the mystery is always exciting! Here are a few options:

Infinite Deals Box Jr. – 5 discs for $39.99
Infinite Discs Deals Box – 7 discs for $67.88
Infinite Deals Box XL – 12 discs for $112.88

We have purchased multiple Infinite Deals Boxes and have always been happy with the selection and value.

Hopefully this helps you select a good beginner disc golf starter set and get an idea of how to best expand your disc arsenal. While you’re waiting for your new starter set to arrive, check out this video of Paul McBeth and Nate Sexton (two of the top disc golf professionals) battle with starter sets only! https://youtu.be/Mk0-E2eFP8E

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