Gateway Disc Golf Journey Review
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Gateway Disc Sports Journey Review

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard that Gateway is not just the putter company anymore.  The Journey is one of the newer molds that throws Gateway into the mainstream and legitimizes their offerings. The Journey is a straight long distance driver with plenty of glide and comfortable feel that could make it your next go-to driver.

Gateway Journey Manufacturer Notes

Before you start reading, take a moment to chuckle at the subtle meta-reference we’ve included in the Journey review image.  Think ealry 1980’s…

Here is Gateway’s description of the Journey:

The Journey has a low profile and long wing for speed and a perfect transition from the nose to the flight plate allowing it to have a long straight controllable flight with just the right amount of overstabliity.  It has enough resistance to turn for the big arms, but it’s not too overstable for the smaller arms and newer throwers.  Players of all skill level should be able to make the Gateway Journey one of the longest throwing discs in their bag.

Gateway Journey manufacturer page
Available Plastics: Evolution, Sure Grip, Diamond
Flight Rating: 12, 6, -2, 1

Gateway Journey Initial Reaction

Gateway Disc Sports Journey profile view

The Journey looks and feels like a comfortable controll driver, it bears a few resemblances to the shape of an Innova Beast but is a touch more domey.  I had expected a wider rim because of the speed rating, but in reality the Journey straddles the line between control and max distance driver.

Gateway Journey Flight Notes

The Gateway Journey is one of the most versatile and dependable discs that I have thrown.  While intended to be a distance driver, I find that its fade is gentle enough that it can be used anywhere from 275 feet (84 meters) to 425 feet (130 meters).   This allows you to reduce the number of discs in your bag if you’re a minimalist.  The sweet spot for me is around 375 feet (115 meters) where I find a very gentle and controllable turn and a light fade the brought the Journey to a forward landing.  At this distance The Journey can be thrown on a long anhyzer that pulls out at the end, or a long glidey hyzer that flattens just a touch for extra distance. Pretty much any type of shot that I need.   

At shorter distances the Journey will act like an overstable fairway driver that can hold a little turn and resist wind well.  It is also a great forehand option for fairway shots as it will filp up straight and can handle the torque.  I shy away from using it for long forehand drives since it will turn harder, but it’s still worth a consideration.  The Journey will also work for overhand shots, but it turns over more quickly than other discs on overhand shots than I am used to.

When going for distance, the Journey will show a significant turn but has a reliable fade that will usually pull it into a straight landing.  To hit 425 feet it needs to be released at a relatiely low angle to avoid wasting distance on the turn.  The Journey isn’t a wind fighter at this distance, but it’s consistent enough that you can throw with the wind and have a good idea of how it will fly. 

Light head winds can give you extra distance, heavier headwinds will push it into a hard turn but it resists the dive.  Be careful with cross winds which can catch the flight plate and toss the disc, but could also give you more distance if used properly.  Nose down with a tail wind will take this disc on a nice long trek especially if kept low to the groud.

Gateway Journey Comparables

Innova Leopard: Similar flight and glide but the Journey is significantly faster.
Innova Krait: Speed is close, Krait fades harder.
Discraft Stalker:  The Journey is longer and has a more gentle fade.
DGA Undertow: Undertow is slower but both have high glide and similar gentle turn.
Discmania FD Jackal: Both are straight and workable but Journey is faster.

Gateway Journey Final Verdict

Gateway’s Journey is a great disc.  Beginners will find it a nice overstable driver that gains easy distance, advanced players will love the controlled flight and versatility.  Combine this with Gateway’s Prophecy and you’ll have an excellent core to design your bag around.

Are you ready to enhance your bag with a Gateway Journey?  Find the perfect Journey here!

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      Thanks for the feedback Bill! Rodney started that as an experimental section last summer and a few readers have since told us it’s useful so we plan to keep it around.

  • Jeff

    Love this driver. Very easy to flip up and get good distance. 300 feet to 350 is what I’ve thrown it on. It seems to be a very good undertake sidearm option if you have good flick and control.

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