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Westside Discs Maiden Review

The 2018 Trilogy Challenge putter is the Maiden by Westside Discs.  Read on as we take this low-profile neutral putter on its first voyage.

Westside Discs Putter Notes

“If you’re looking for a neutral putter with a thin profile, the Maiden fits the bill. The Maiden is surprisingly resistant to turn with little fade. Look for the Maiden at Trilogy Challenges near you in 2018!“

Available plastics: Origio
Flight Rating: 3,4,0,1

Maiden Initial Reactions

This beaded putter boasts a very low profile, almost similar to the Dynamic Discs Deputy.  You’ll notice a small bead on the rim, well other than visually I didn’t really notice it at all.  The Origio burst always looks fantastic.  Will that sentiment ever change after we become accustomed to seeing these burst patterns?

Westside Discs Maiden By the Numbers

Westside Discs Maiden Flight Chart DG Puttheads

For a low profile disc, it has much more stability than I would expect.  Not that all low profile options are understable, it just seems more common as of late.

Maiden Putting Notes

Circle putting relies so much on your feel and confidence with a specific disc.  Given the comfortable mold of the Maiden, I could see myself enjoying this as a go-to putter.  I get a clean release with the low profile and the small bead keeps grip placement consistent for me.

On those longer putts, circle 2 and beyond, the neutral flight of the maiden with a moderate amount of glide makes it a good choice to run the basket.  I can’t get as much putting distance as the Deputy but the Maiden is a little more forgiving and doesn’t float past the basket quite as much.

Upshots and Approaches with the Maiden

I really had a lot of success using the Maiden on mid power approach throws.  These are the shots that can set me up for a par on a long par 3 or should allow me to feel confident in getting up and down from a long range after a bad shot.  For longer approaches, I usually prefer something that gets to the ground quickly in order to increase consistency (how many 150’ shots do you expect to go in versus how many leave you outside of the circle).

As with many neutral putters, the Maiden can be a very versatile approach disc.  Hyzers and anhyzers are consistent and reliable, as long as you don’t try to throw too hard.  The disc holds up to a minor headwind fairly well.

Maiden Compared to Other Putters

Dynamic Discs Judge: Maiden exhibits less turn and less fade and feels much more shallow.
Latitude 64 Pure: The Maiden flies very similar to the Pure and is more torque resistant.
Latitude 64 Mercy: The Maiden is a touch faster (not much) and a offers a little more turn even though the Maiden offers more torque resistance than the Mercy.

Maiden Final Verdict

Just like the other Westside Discs putters (Swan 1 Reborn, Shield, Crown, Harp), the Maiden surprised us.  This is a versatile disc that should be considered for putting and approaching duties.

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