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Dynamic Discs Deputy Review

It’s time to “nip it in the bud” and fix your long distance putting.  Dynamic Discs brings us the Deputy via the 2017 Trilogy Challenge.  Is this the putter that even Barney Fife could use?

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Deputy commands disc golfers to cease the search for a reliable, understable putter. The Dynamic Discs Deputy has minimal fade at putting speeds and a gradual, consistent turn when thrown for drives and approaches. Spin putters will love its straight flight, and push putters will love its increased glide. The Deputy is the Dynamic Discs contribution to the 2017 Trilogy Challenge.”


Available plastics: Prime

Flight Rating: 3 speed, 4 glide, -1.5 turn, 0 fade

Check pricing on the Deputy here.

Initial Reactions

When the discs for the 2017 Trilogy Challenge were announced, I was excited to see the Deputy noted as an understable putter.  I instantly assumed that this would be the Dynamic Discs version of the Westside Discs Swan 1 Reborn, especially since Team DD member Paige Pierce putts with a Swan.

After picking my Deputy, I immediately noticed how different this mold is from the Swan 1 Reborn.  The new putter from Dynamic Discs is a little deeper and the nose feels a little bigger in the hand, though this is still on the shallow side.  Look really close and you may also notice the microbead underneath (it’s hard to see in the photo).

Dynamic Discs Deputy Profile

By the Numbers

Dynamic Discs Deputy


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Putting Notes

I thoroughly enjoyed putting with the Deputy.  I had some concern that the understability would lead to too much glide, meaning missed putts continue to float past the basket.  That wasn’t the case at all though.  I tested the Deputy alongside the Judge and the Swan 1 Reborn and they all have similar glide.  Up around the basket, the 2017 Trilogy Challenge putter is comfortable and easy to control.  I had a lot of confidence putting with it inside the circle.

Unless you are a pro like Ricky Wysocki or Paul McBeth, you’ll probably make more putts from long range with an understable putter.  Our putting stroke just doesn’t generate a consistent amount of power to be accurate at that range.  That’s where a disc like the Deputy finds its niche.  Just like the Swan 1, I was able to do some good work out to 100′ on a very usable line.

Being an understable putter, you may not want to rely on the Deputy in high headwinds but it makes a great tailwind putter.


The Deputy likes to ride a straight to turnover line as well as a soft anhyzer line.  Shorter shots with reduced power will fly nice and straight.  With enough practice this could become your favorite short approach disc.

When you add power, the Deputy responds with a great turnover flight.  Straight for a little while but then a clean, turning line that ends significantly to the right. It reminds me a lot of a shorter flying version of the Gateway Shaman.  I was actually surprised with how much power I can put into this disc – it seems fairly torque resistant.

Forcing the putter to move right on an anhyzer line works well as long as you add enough height.  Otherwise you’ll lose too much distance as the putter turns into the ground.  The same goes for a forehand – throw it high and let it turn over and glide to a finish.

Final Verdict

The Dynamic Discs Deputy is a perfect companion for the Marshal.  Both have a microbead and handle a decent amount of power.  It also works well enough as a long-distance putter companion for any stable to overstable putter.  All that said, I could see a lot of amateur players using the understable Deputy as a primary putter too.

Are you ready to pick up your own Deputy?  See your options here!

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    • Rodney Lane

      I can’t believe we haven’t reviewed the Magic yet! I just went out and tested the Magic side by side with the Deputy. The Magic is much deeper and has a blunt nose so it feels bigger in the hand. On long throws, the Deputy turns a little more and also fades less. The Magic doesn’t have a ton of fade of course, but on a higher throw it will start to fade back whereas the Deputy continues the turnover line. This also means that the Magic would work a little better on a lower anhyzer line. The two discs throw a similar distance for me.

      In short, if you like the Magic but want a lower profile disc that turns more, try a Deputy.

  • Brian

    Thanks Rodney,

    The Magic is my go to putting putter inside and outside the circle. I love it because of its straight, point and shoot flight path on putts. I am down to my last backup and currently looking into other options. The inconsistency of feel and availability in the Gateway plastic is the reason I may move on. I am excited for the Deputy release and think I will be giving one a try. Thanks for your responce and for what you dudes do.

    • Rodney Lane

      We aren’t certain, but the base plastic ones will be first and they won’t be out until after the Trilogy Challenge closes sometime in the fall.

  • robin mclean

    Followup, having now used the Deputy as my primary putter and understable putter driver for a year: Yes, it is now available in a plastic for nearly everyone. Yes it is an amazing putter for those of us don’t want to fade outside of 20 or 30 feet. But what really made me dump my beloved APXs was that the sidewall is straight vertical. Because the APX sidewall is curved, it can grip lock on your fingertips on anny shots. And I mean like fly almost sideways. Yikes. The deputy has yet to do that once and that alone gives me great confidence in it. Fly free and have fun.

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