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Axiom Discs Proxy Review

A straight flying disc is rare.  Even more rare is a disc that flies just as straight with reduced power.  The Axiom Proxy provides that rare straight flight with a comfortable overmold wrapped around a gorgeous Plasma core.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Proxy shares the Envy mold’s core, lending the same low-profile feel and solid grip, along with a short wing width and wide flight plate diameter for superior glide. The Proxy sets itself apart from the Envy with a remarkably straight forward-fading finish. A bit of high-speed turn potential allows the Proxy’s lines to be manipulated over a broad range of power, and helps less powerful throwers achieve straight putter drives.”

Available plastics: Neutron, Neutron Soft, Plasma

Flight Rating: 3 speed, 4 glide, -1 turn, 0 fade

Initial Reactions

We don’t have a disc golf store nearby.  A friend of mine was out of town recently and stopped in to The Throw Shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  We spoke on the phone as he browsed the selection and I heard his awe when this Plasma plastic gem caught his eye.  He sent me a picture and promised that it looked even better in person.  This disc was an impulse buy, over the phone.  Yes, I bought a Proxy via proxy.

This is truly the most amazing stock disc I have ever seen.  Oh, and it feels similar to the Axiom Envy that I’ve had a lot of success throwing.

Axiom Discs Proxy Profile

By the Numbers

Axiom Proxy


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Putting Notes

The Plasma plastic feels soft without being flimsy.  The flight plate isn’t as firm as I’d normally prefer for push putting but I was able to adapt fairly well.  Whether spin putting or push putting, the Proxy putts very straight with minimal fade.

Outside the circle, this disc putts like the Streamline Discs Pilot but with less fade.  It has a little less glide than some other putters, which is evident at the 40′ mark.  The best feature though – instead of fading way left of the basket you’ll notice a soft and easy descent.


The Axiom Proxy is a very straight flying disc no matter how little power you give it.  Where the Envy turns a little before fading back, the Proxy turns a little and holds a straight line.

Throwing from the tee, the putter can provide a very straight flight.  If you give it enough power it will turn over but I never got a feeling that I would lose control.  It always The disc naturally performs an anhyzer with minimal effort.  This will probably not be your best choice for a hyzer shot but it will cut left if you don’t add too much power.

Final Verdict

I recently reviewed the Innova Nova, a unique feeling putter that flies perfectly straight and lands soft.  The Proxy provides a similar flight with a more traditional disc golf putter feel.

I initially expected the Envy and Proxy to be a wonderful combo for the Throw Gyro camp, but there’s a little too much overlap in my opinion.  If you want a little more consistency in the wind, the Envy would be your choice.  If you want a slightly more versatile putter that’ll hold different lines, the Proxy is your choice.

Anyone searching for a straight flying putter should try a Proxy, especially if you find a Plasma edition that looks as good as this one.

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  • Tod VanWieren

    Interested in a direct comparison of electron pilot vs electron proxy. Especially for putting putters. Thanks!!

    • Rodney Lane

      We haven’t thrown an electron Proxy yet, but based on our experience with electron plastic and the Proxy putter, we’d expect the Proxy to be a little more understable than the straight Pilot. Personally I prefer the feel of the Pilot vs the Proxy.

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