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Innova Nova Review

Innova Discs’ first overmold putter, the Nova, is currently in play by a few top pros like Paul McBeth.  Let’s see if this point and shoot style approach disc works for amateurs as well.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Nova is a unique putter designed with overmold technology. The flight plate is made from a firm Pro material that’s fused to a grippy putter Pro plastic rim. The soft rim absorbs impact and sticks the landing while the firm flight plate allows for powerful throws making the Nova an excellent putter and approach disc.”

Available plastics: XT

Flight Rating: 2 speed, 3 glide, 0 turn, 0 fade

Initial Reactions

 The plastic itself is nice and grippy but this disc feels weird in the hand.  It is really deep and the overmold technology Innova developed has four nubs that secure the flight plate to the rim.  This is similar to the Atlas midrange, which is a wonderful all-around disc.

Innova Nova Profile

Here’s an “Ask Dave” segment on SpinTV where Dave Dunipace talks about the Innova overmold technology and how straight the Nova will fly.

By the Numbers

Innova Nova


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Putting Notes

I am nearly certain this isn’t intended to be a putter.  It is awkward and doesn’t release well.  The Nova is a very nice turbo putt disc, much to my surprise.  The big grippy rim lets me get a lot of extra power into the disc.


 I have never thrown a putter that flies straighter than the Nova.  The deep rim and overmold takes a bit to get the hang of but after a few practice throws I found the Nova to be incredibly accurate.  This is a putter that demands a fan grip of sort; I wouldn’t try any variation of a power grip while expecting a decent flight.

This isn’t my favorite driving putter.  I can get a lot more consistency out of a Westside Discs Harp or Axiom Discs Envy on full throws since I occasionally clip the big rim with a knuckle on release.  That said, it is one of the best discs I’ve ever used to check my backhand form.  I’ve been working a lot on my nose angle at release and the Nova shows me right away what the disc is doing at release.

Getting closer to the basket, in that short game touch shot area, the Nova is consistent and easy to control.  I have enjoyed picking a stick, dandelion, or other item on the ground and parking the Nova next to it – at various distances up to 200′.  This is all with a minimal amount of practice compared to other options that I’m far more familiar with.  Hyzer, anhyzer, or flat, the Nova holds your line.  You aren’t going to get a great hyzer spike or a beautiful turnover out of this putter, but it will turn the direction you choose.

How many perfect approach shots have been ruined by a huge skip?  I know I’ve had several.  The Nova however does not skip.  It may hop forward a foot or so when landing in short grass or dirt but it seems to stick right where it lands.  The makes the Nova an extremely consistent approach disc.

I initially expected the deep rimmed putter to behave poorly in the wind.  I have been pleasantly surprised about how the Nova handles the wind.  A cross wind seems to stabilize the disc.  It flies straight in a tailwind and headwind as long as you throw with a relatively flat nose angle.

Innova Nova Black and Yellow

Final Verdict

At first I did not like how the Nova felt in my hand but after several field sessions and rounds, it starts to feel rather comfortable.  It performs so consistently for approach shots that I understand why Paul McBeth uses it for his approach shots.  I can’t think of a disc to compare with the overmold putter but in the air it reminds me most of the Innova Birdie.  The point and shoot accuracy is enough for me to seriously consider the Nova my new approach disc.

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