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Take it Slow and Easy

I have an amazing new tip for your game. This amazing revelation will lower your scores and increase your fun! I’m so glad that I came up with this idea. Except I didn’t.  Its been a known concept in many sports for a while and some of our fellow disc golfers have already stated the same thing.

So here it is: go slow. Slow down your movements and throw slower discs.

Walk to Run

I’ve been doing a lot of work to improve my driving form. Reading forum posts, visiting disc golf blogs, and watching slow motion video of professionals give me great plans for field work and practice rounds. The concept of slowing down comes up a lot, but it is so counter-intuitive.

My misconceptions probably ring true with you as well. After all, I want to throw something really far so shouldn’t I should use as much muscle and speed as possible? I’m reminded of my high-school football coach who would always say, or even yell perhaps, “I’d rather have you screw up going full speed than worrying about perfection”.  The truth is, with perfect form I believe a faster motion will result in a longer throw. The problem is, I don’t have perfect or repeatable form. The other problem is, it matters even more where maximum speed is reached.

One of my favorite disc golf form blogs, HeavyDisc, has a lot of information about disc golf driving form. Be sure to read his article on this exact concept.

And here’s a short tip from the great minds at MindBodyDisc.

The sad part – I had already read those articles a few times before yet disappointingly I ignored the advice and kept throwing “my way” to get my big whopping 300′ of distance. That’s over now. I’m throwing with a slow “run” up. I’m throwing with purpose. I’m throwing smooth.  And the disc is going far (well, that’s all relative I guess).

Don’t be like me – slow down and throw farther.

Discraft Undertaker Control Driver

Obey Speed Limits

Disc speed is an arbitrary number placed on a disc by the manufacturer loosely based on the rim size. The physics is sound, more weight on the rim will result in more rotational energy and likely more distance.

The problem here is my arm speed doesn’t launch a 13 speed disc fast enough to make it fly properly. It barely matches an 11 speed disc and only if the disc is broken in. My recent bag minimization experiment has led me to believe that my arm is about a 9 speed arm. I can throw discs up to speed 9 that do what the manufacturer intended. This may change a little per manufacturer, but I’ve tested enough drivers lately to understand where I’m at.

You know what the best part is? I’m throwing these “slower” discs further than I ever could throw a high speed disc.  And I’m way more accurate! That has led me to a lot of lower scores.

Take a look at MindBodyDisc again for a wonderful description of this concept: 

Don’t be like me – throw a slower disc.

Disc Golf At Dusk

Stop and Smell the Roses

Lastly, be sure to slow down and enjoy the beautiful sites and sounds out there.  Don’t just rush to the next shot but enjoy the flight of the disc and the surrounding natural beauty.

For those few seconds, time stands still. And all that matters in the world is a spinning disc in the wind. Everything in our mind is at peace and when the disc lands, we want to do it all over again. Patrick McCormick – Zen and the Art of Disc Golf

Go Slow

There you have it.  The most amazing disc golf tip of the week is something that many have already stated before.  Now hurry up and slow down – just don’t be afraid to let faster players play through.

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