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DiscStore Monthly Box Review

DiscStore’s first DiscMember monthly disc golf subscription boxes are out!  We’ve seen a few monthly curation boxes in the past that were appealing but haven’t stayed around for long.  However, DiscStore’s DiscMember subscription has a few unique features that promise to keep it going for the long term.  DiscStore sent us a box so we could show you what to expect.

DiscStore Monthly Subscription

First, here’s what to expect inside the DiscMember disc golf subscription box:

  • A new release or one of a kind disc.  July’s box includes a first run Prodigy X5.
  • Assorted disc golf apparel or accessory.  This month was a Grow the Sport Dry Fit, next month is a mystery Dry Fit polo!
  • Disc golf accessory such as the T-Rex mini marker from this box or a mini can topper in next month’s box.
  • Disc golf sticker

Full details can be found on the disc golf monthly subscription page.  Other benefits include a personal discount code to get 10% off orders at DiscStore, free shipping on your orders, $10 giftcard for referring friends, and a few others.  This is all at $24.99.  There’s still time to get your July box if you haven’t yet, and if you mention ““Puttheads” in the comments you’ll receive a $10 giftcard to DiscStore!  August’s box will be shipping out in a month and the upcoming apparel and accessories have been announced through next year.

DiscMember Subscription Unboxing Video

Posted by Disc Golf Puttheads on Monday, July 3, 2017


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    • Chris Bawden

      Hi Brian, thanks for reading! You’ll need to mention “Puttheads” in the comments of your DiscMember subscription order to receive the gift card.

  • Matt

    This is great got my July box already, great value.
    Although when I placed an order using my gift cert and cash there was a shipping charge.
    Shipping & Handling $7.50 for my particular order.
    At the time I just completed the order anyway and thought maybe I read it wrong, then I read this article and it reminded me.

    • Chris Bawden

      Thanks for reading Matt! I’m not sure of DiscStore’s shipping policies, but I’ll check on that and I’ll be sure to update the information if there is a shipping charge.

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