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Dynamic Discs Gavel Review

Dynamic Discs offers the Gavel as an understable putter ready to bring order to your short game.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“Joining the Breakout and the Proof in the Easy-to-Throw Line is the Gavel. If you like the Judge, the 2013 Disc of the Year, you will like the Gavel. With the same shape and bead as the Judge but a smaller profile and overall width, it fits great in smaller hands and has a very easy release. Beginners, and many seasoned players, will love this light weight, smaller rimmed option. Feel confident on your putt and approach with this little sharpshooter and watch your scores drop. The Gavel is ready to bang chains on your behalf.”


Available plastics: Prime

Flight Rating: 3 speed, 5 glide, -2 turn, 0.5 fade

Initial Reactions

Just as Dynamic Discs says, the Gavel feels similar to a Judge.  The rim is slightly more shallow and the bead is smaller too.  I’ve never putted with such a light disc and the weight difference is noticeable while holding the Gavel.  Prime plastic feels wonderful and is a great putter plastic for beginner or otherwise.

Dynamic Discs Gavel Profile

By the Numbers

Dynamic Discs Gavel


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Putting Notes

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If you putt with a Judge or Wizard, the Gavel will feel similar during your setup, though it putts similarly to the Westside Discs Swan 1 Reborn.  This light, understable putter enabled me to push putt from absurdly long distances (60-70′)!  I had no issues with release consistency or rollaways.

Spin putting with the Gavel might not yield the same results as the disc will turn a little right given enough power.

There are some additional factors to consider due to the light weight of this mold.  First, and most obvious, the wind.  Headwinds will usually cause a nose-up putt to float upward and a nose down putt to dive.  This affect is exacerbated with a light weight disc like the Gavel.  Second, the chains.  I had several firm putts bounce away from the chains.  This is likely a combination of the heavy chains, the light plastic, and a touch of wind.


The Gavel is not a disc you’ll be throwing with full power.  Longer throws will turn over with minimal power but a seasoned player will be able to find some great lines with the disc.  I don’t recommend the anhyzer line as the disc will turn over easily anyway, but you’re safe with higher lofted shots like an uphill approach or an approach shot that needs to clear a tree and still turnover.  If you want a hyzer line, you probably have a better choice in your bag.  That said, you can coax a left turn out of the Gavel with a little nose-angle finesse.

Soft flicks and higher flicks will turnover a little, but finesse is the name of the game again.  After a few throws you’ll understand how much power the disc can handle.

Perspective from some younger players

Dynamic Discs makes it clear that the Gavel wasn’t designed entirely with a seasoned player in mind.

I had my nine year old nephew try the easy-to-throw putter while I observed the results.  He’s thrown discs on and off for a year, is really athletic, and can normally throw his beat-in Starfire 150′.  He was able to throw the Gavel with better than usual form and enjoyed a nice and easy turnover line with more distance than expected.  He likes to forehand but found the disc to turn down into a roller more often than not.  He’s not much into putting so I didn’t get a good opinion from his perspective.

I also had my ten year old daughter, who is fairly athletic, give the Gavel a try.  She’ll generally throw a stable putter like the Innova Dart around 80′ on a good line with some fade at the end.  For her, the understability of the Gavel allowed for a little more distance overall.  She usually putts with anything (and we have a few putters laying around), but putters with a shallow rim like the Gavel tend to fit her hand best.

Final Verdict

After using the Gavel for a few rounds at the practice facility, I have two different conclusions.

Inconsistency in the wind will keep the disc out of my bag.  I really hope Dynamic Discs will produce a max weight Gavel so I can test it against the Swan 1 Reborn as the understable option for my bag.

After watching my nephew and daughter though, the Gavel is a perfect disc for younger players and I really wish these “easy-to-throw” discs were around when I started disc golfing a few years ago.  After all, starting out with proper form and still watching the disc fly long and straight is exciting.

I fully recommend the Gavel for new players and I’ll be exploring the Breakout and the Proof as an option to introduce new players to the game.

Gavel Video

Check out the “Is this disc right for you?” segment from Dynamic Discs:

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