Infinite Discs Slinger Bag
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Infinite Discs Slinger Bag Review

A lightweight disc golf bag is always nice for a casual round.  Sometimes you’re traveling and want to throw in a few discs in case there’s a course nearby.  Perhaps you’re out to work with a limited selection of discs.  Or maybe you’re playing a shorter course where a full bag isn’t necessary.  Whatever your reason, a small and inexpensive bag can be a great tool for beginners and advanced players alike.  Infinite Discs has released such a bag with a unique feature – a sling style strap.  Here’s our review of the Slinger.

Slinger Bag Storage

Infinite Discs Slinger Bag Phone Pocket

The bag holds 8-10 discs on the inside with two slots along the back wall to separate two discs.  I carried 10 discs: an approach putter, three mids, three drivers, and three fairway drivers.  I didn’t have any trouble getting discs in or out but I feel like this was close to the limit.

The valuables pocket easily holds my large screen cell phone.  The pocket is located in the back of the bag but I didn’t feel the phone when I used the bag.  I wouldn’t put my keys in with it though as I don’t want to scratch my screen.

Two eyelets are available to attach your towel or bag tags.  

The mesh pocket on the outside holds two putters easily.  The drink holder on the side includes a drawstring to allow for many different sizes of drinks.

Slinger Bag Comfort

The adjustable and padded strap allows for single shoulder carry or sling style, across the body, carry.  You can choose which side the strap attaches to the base of the bag to allow for left or right carry.  The strap also has some size adjustment available.

The bag fits comfortably across my body and is almost as easy to carry as a backpack.  Even loaded down with 10 discs, a towel, and a full water bottle, the bag feels light.

I found myself carrying the bag over a single shoulder most of the time and opting to use the sling-style carry for longer walks only.  This isn’t much different from the way I tend to use my dual strap backpack either.  One thing to note regarding to the sling strap – it is a little difficult to take off if you are wearing a hat.

Slinger Bag Conclusion

The Infinite Discs Slinger Bag is a unique take on the budget “backpack.”  I have used several cheaper shoulder bags.  Some lack disc storage space, some lack accessory storage space, and some are just a little uncomfortable.  The Slinger Bag provides a great amount of storage, comfort, and value.  I’ll be using this bag for shorter courses, light travel, and any time I don’t need a full backpack.  I’d fully recommend this for beginner’s looking for their first bag too!

Order a Slinger for yourself here:  Infinite Discs Slinger Bag

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