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Exciting Podcast News – Just Throw

If you haven’t heard yet, the DG Puttheads will now be hosting the Zen Disc Golf Podcast, which will be renamed to “Just Throw”.  We’re extremely happy Patrick trusts us with this creation and we are very excited for this opportunity.  Our goal is to keep the focus on you the disc golfer.  We’ll tackle topics like course management, strategy, mindfulness, and focus.  We’ll also be reviewing discs and products and we’re hoping to solidify some sponsorship for giveaways going forward.  So hopefully for you the listener the show will be more of the same great disc golf talk.  We’ll have an occasional (or more) visit from Patrick, the Podfather himself.  And who is this from MindBodyDisc?  There are some who call him…Tim.  He’s back to his job guarding the bridge but he’ll be on in the future too!

Check back here for some more information very soon.

Here’s the announcement episode:

Zen Disc Golf Podcast Episode 30

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