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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is celebrated in America and Canada as the harvest period comes to an end, foliage colors change, and animals prepare for hibernation.  For many in the North like us, Thanksgiving also marks the time of year when temperatures drop and many outdoor activities like disc golf come to a close (well, not for all of us).  We often celebrate the holiday by visiting family and gorging ourselves on massive amounts of turkey, potatoes, breads, pies, etc.  In fact, the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year in America.  Despite the busy day, many of us use this holiday as a reminder to be thankful for what we have.  In the spirit of giving thanks, we’ve made a small list of disc golf related items that only our type would appreciate.

We’re incredibly thankful that we have the ability to enjoy the great game of disc golf.  Sometimes we take for granted our health, multiple working limbs, eyesight, transportation, or even the funds to buy a new disc.  We also tend to forget the amount of people that make disc golf happen.  This list, in no particular order, is to help remind us of those people:

Local Parks

Many of us play for free or minimal cost at a local park that has graciously provided a disc golf course.  Thank you to the communities that have offered their parkland for use as a disc golf course.

Burchfield Disc Golf Course

Park Workers / Course Maintenance Crews

Not only do we have precious land to play on, but our courses do need some maintenance.  Thank you to all of the workers responsible for keeping our parks nice and clean.

Postal / Parcel Delivery Drivers

Ok, some of you have a local shop to buy discs but we don’t.  Thank you to the USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other delivery people that have delivered countless packages to our homes.

Local / Online Disc Shops

Same reason as above.  We love having so many disc shops online where we can find exactly what we need and we know there are awesome disc shops all around the country.  Thanks to all of the stores out there waiting to fill the next hole in our bags.

Tournament Directors

Tournament Directors are amazing.  They give up a good portion of their free time so you can play the game they love.  Thank you to all of the TDs out there – your sacrifice is appreciated.

Grow The Sport Disc Golf

Disc Manufacturer Personnel

Discs don’t make themselves.  Thanks to all of you at the manufacturer level designing, molding, packing, shipping, etc.

Disc Golf Media Companies

There isn’t a lot of advertising in disc golf so most of these places aren’t making much money.  Thanks to all of you recording, broadcasting, and sharing your disc golf content with us! (SmashBoxx.Tv, Overstable Studios, SpinTV, Disc Golf Answer Man, The Disc Golf Podcast, Disc Golf Show, etc)

Our Readers

We are very thankful for you, our readers, listeners, and followers! Thanks to you for your continued support of our blog, podcast, and social accounts.

What did we miss?

Give a comment below for your disc golf related “Thank you.”

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