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Disc Golf Stock Images – An Open Letter

Dear Disc Golfers,

If you’ve been following us over the past couple of months then you may have seen us go through the logo incident.  Without going into detail, another disc golf company used the DG Puttheads logo on apparel they were selling.  Don’t worry though, this appears to be resolved.

Anyway, in the wake of dealing with this we decided that we should turn the situation into something positive.  If we’ve learned anything from Patrick McCormick and his books Zen & The Art of Disc Golf and more recently Discs & Zen, by holding on to negative feelings and focusing on what’s going wrong we are just poisoning ourselves.

It took a good deal of contemplation but we came to a realization that there are not many good resources available for anyone who is trying to create  disc golf content or creative work.  While this does not justify lifting someone else’s work for your own profit, we thought that maybe we could help just a little by providing some resources free to the disc golf community.  Maybe, just a slight maybe, these free images and creatives could offer an alternative to lifting someone else’s work. 

Without further rambling, I’d like to introduce you to our Free Disc Golf Stock Photo page!


discgolfchris disc golf driving silhouette

All images contained in the galleries on that page have been published openly for anyone who would like to use them, free of charge.  You can use them however you please, even to put on apparel or incorporate in your own designs that you plan to sell or promote.  Use those creatives in blog posts, newsletters, flyers; it simply doesn’t matter and there are no strings attached.  You may need to do a little editing to images you use, but that’s perfectly ok with us.  We’ve also included an FAQ list below the galleries to help you understand what we’re doing and why.

The galleries are limited in size right now, but watch for them to grow.  We truly believe that the proliferation of disc golf content will help the sport grow for the better. 

We believe strongly in you, the disc golf community, and the values we hold together.

Thank you so much for your support.

– Disc Golf Chris

Disc Golf Chris @discgolfchris


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