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2018 Disc Golf Putter of The Year

2018 Chaincrasher Awards Official Results

We had a rather slim field this year, but there were three stand out putters which could have competed any year.   With that, here are the official results for the 2018 Chaincrasher Disc Golf Putter of the Year awards!

Disc Golf Putter of the Year – Fan’s Choice

Congratulations to Westside Discs for Producing the Fan’s Choice 2018 Disc Golf Putter of the Year:  The Maiden!

You voted the Westside Disc Maiden as your favorite putter released in 2018.  The Maiden is a straight and reliable low-profile putter and comes in Dynamic Discs’ awesome burst plastice.  You can read the full Westside Discs Maiden Review here.

Westside Discs Maiden

Disc Golf Putter of the Year – DG Puttheads Choice

It was close between the next two, but the DG Putthead’s Choice for the Chaincrashers this year goes to the Infinite Discs’ Myth!

The Myth is a big bead, blunt nose, stable putter with plenty of glide.  It draws comparison to the Judge due to its glide and workability.  You can read the full Infinite Discs Myth review here.

Disc Golf Putter of the Year – Best Looking Putter

The final category, which was selected based on your feedback from last year, is the best looking putter.  The winner of the the 2018 Best Best Looking Disc Golf Putter of The Year is the Innova Bullfrog!

The Bullfrog was actually in the running for both Fan’s choice and DG Puttheads’ Choice, but it was release late in the year and probably didn’t get the visibility the Maiden did.  The hotstamp is unique and humorous, a frog riding a bull.  This putter has a blunt nose, almost no glide, and is very consistent.  Read the full Innova Bullfrog review here.

Thank you for voting for the 2018 Chaincrasher Disc Golf Putter of the Year Awards!  Watch for the 2019 Chaincrasher Awards in December.

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