Disc Golf Flight Charts

New Disc Golf Flight Chart Tool

We’ve worked hard over the winter and are finally out of hibernation with our new interactive disc golf flight chart tool that allows you to view and compare estimated disc flight paths! Click the link below to play around with our new Flight Chart tool:

Disc Golf Flight Charts

This flight chart resource also includes the ability to adjust your arm speed and change handedness and adjust for forehand shots! And to make this tool more valuable, we’ve added additional features. We included a Putter Selector where you can filter a list of putters by various characteristics to help you decide what putter to try next. We’ve also included links to our reviews and buy links so you can order when you find a putter you’d like to try.

The Putter Selector is a little more subject using values for primary use and putter profile, so you’ll likely see updates over time as well as new features added. We are also working on adding images to all the putters, but that will take some time.

Disc Golf Putter Selector

Finally, we released a Disc Golf Plastics chart. This is a grid showing plastics by each manufacturer with some basic information such as effort required to break in, relative stability, and level from base to premium. You can check out the plastic matrix here:

Disc Golf Plastics

We’ll continue building out new features and fixing bugs as we find them, so please use our contact form if you have suggestions or find bugs. In the mean time, follow us on socials to catch all of our content!

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