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Nak Mini Disc Golf Markers

***Update – Nak is not currently taking orders and social pages are turned off.  We will update this page when Nak is back up.***

There’s a new disc golf mini marker company in the game called Nak Mini Disc Golf Markers.  If you’re asking, “So what, just another mini?”, then you should take a look at what this Pennsylvania company is producing before you brush it off.  Nic, the creator, sent us a custom metal mini maker with the DG Puttheads ‘DGPH’ monogram engraved on the underside and it’s quickly become my favorite mini in my collection.

nak mini disc golf markers

Nak Mini Disc Golf Markers just recently popped up. Now, the popularity is exploding and it’s easy to see why.  Unique custom designs and exceptional quality.

nak mini marker engraving

First, here’s a little bit about the minis themselves.  They are aluminum or brass minis with custom etched designs.  The original Nak mini markers were approximately 3 inches in diameter, but 4 inch diameter minis are now also available.  The minis are shaped like midrange drivers with a thin, curved rim, flattop, and typical flight plate underside.  I wouldn’t recommend throwing these minis though.

Each custom mini is created on a metal lathe.  Nic takes a custom request, draws it out on a computer and etches the design on the mini after getting feedback to ensure the design is just right.  Each mini is handmade and unique.  Most disc golfers request their PDGA number or club logo, however there are a few more unique requests and even some images that have been created.  Below are two of our favorites so far, a custom 616 Discs mini and a personalized etched image.

616 discs mini by Nak

The events leading up to the creation of Nak Mini Disc Golf Markers began when Nic attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI (which is not too far from the Puttheads!).  After taking a jewelry class, Nic realized that custom minis could be would be a perfect outlet for these new-found skills.  Soon, the first mini marker was made out of bronze using a sand molded casting.  This is one of the first few ever created.

Original Nak Mini Marker Bronze

As I said above, the popularity of Nak has exploded.  Nic has etched all sorts of designs including pizza, a wolf, an airplane, a hot air balloon, and many PDGA numbers.  The lowest requested number so far was in the 7000’s, which I think is something to be proud of this early, but Nic is hoping to get a request in the 100’s.

Are you interested in a Nak mini disc golf marker for yourself or as the perfect gift for a disc golfer who has everything else?  You’ll be able to find some cycling in on the Disc Golf Dollar Auction page on Facebook or you can check out the Nak Mini Disc Golf Markers Facebook page here directly.

You’ll also be able to see all of Nak’s unique designs here on Instagram.

Here’s the video we posted to Facebook when our custom mini first arrived: https://www.facebook.com/DGPuttheads/videos/1894847974069459/

Also, don’t forget to follow the DG Puttheads on Facebook so you’ll never miss a post!

Nak custom disc golf markers

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