MVP Black Hole Pro Basket
Product Review

MVP Black Hole Pro Basket Review

Are you looking to improve your putting?  Having a practice basket at home will allow you more time to practice and many basket manufacturers now have affordable offerings for just that purpose.  Here’s an in depth look at the MVP Black Hole Pro Basket.

MVP says this about the basket:

“The Black Hole™ Pro is designed for the most realistic putting experience off the course.”

Before buying a basket for home use, you’ll need to think about the necessary features.  Do you seek a portable unit that is easy to pack up and carry?  Or maybe you want to mimic the on-course experience?  Either way, you’ll have several options.

We’ve tried several cheaper baskets that are lighter and therefore rather portable.  However, these cheaper baskets are not super durable and they’ll treat you with occasional unrealistic chain-outs.  These baskets also tend to rust and fade quickly if you don’t keep up with maintenence.

The MVP Black Hole Pro provides a sturdy option that catches discs just like the ones you play at the local course.  With two sets of 12, heavy-duty chains and welded joints, the basket stands firm putt after putt.  The entire unit is regulation size per PDGA rules and looks like it belongs on a course somewhere.

The first thing I noticed after the 5-10 minute assembly is just how amazing this basket looks in my yard.  The header band makes it “official” looking for sure.

MVP Black Hole Pro Header

The chains attach to the chain rack with chain link clips.

MVP Black Hole Pro Chains



The base is very sturdy.  This style of base requires somewhat level ground for use.

MVP Black Hole Pro Base


If you’re looking to set up a home course, you’re likely looking for portable baskets that can be placed prior to each round or you’re looking to obtain a permanent basket.  

The MVP Black Hole Pro is not as portable as my Innova SkillShot and it takes a little more effort to carry it to my desired practice position.  So far I haven’t found this to be a burden and the results of the basket far outweigh this minor inconvenience.  For a slightly more portable option, the MVP Black Hole Practice removes the top band and uses slightly lighter chains to shed some weight.

The Black Hole Pro is also not recommended for permanent exterior mounting.  You’ll likely see some significant wear like paint fading and rust after 1-2 years outdoors.  I’m guessing you could extend the outdoor life of the basket by applying something like Rust-Oleum periodically.  Or, for permanent installation, MVP offers the Black Hole Portal that will be available in a few months.

At the time of writing, the MVP Black Hole Pro is the cheapest disc golf basket that provides an on-course experience.  I believe this product is well worth the small price premium over the cheaper options.

MVP Black Hole Pro Top View

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MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target



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