Innova Skillshot Basket
Product Review

Innova Skillshot Basket Review

The Innova Skillshot basket is a very portable disc golf target ready to help you practice your putting anywhere.

Innova says this about the basket:

“The SkillShot™ is built for action! Weighing in at a very portable 26 pounds, and folding to the size of a golf umbrella, the SkillShot™ is the most portable target in disc golf. It even comes with a flag for reading the wind and its very own carry case.”

The Innova Skillshot was my first basket purchase.  These can be found on-sale for less than $100 and are very portable.  With a thick polyester skin similar to a portable camping chair the basket is fairly durable.  After a few years of travel and home use, it still looks rather new.

Innova Skillshot Base

The tripod base makes it easy to place the basket just about anywhere.  The carrying bag and umbrella style design makes this product easy to toss in the trunk for a family picnic or even some field work at the park.  Assembling the basket takes only a few minutes.  A small caution, however: you’ll need to watch your hands when assembling and disassembling the unit as the spring loaded mechanism can pinch your fingers.

Innova Skillshot Mechanism

This portability comes at a cost, however.  You get a smaller than normal target area and only a single set of chains.  This causes a few chain-outs and some missed putts, but most solid putts stay in the basket.  These small trade-offs may relegate the Skillshot to travel use only, but we use ours for additional targets at home all the time.

If you are looking for a cheap disc golf target for your home, be sure to look a the Innova Skillshot.  If you are looking for a very portable basket for practice, the Innova Skillshot is a great choice!

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Innova Champion Discs Skill Shot Target, Blue



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