Gateway Warlock Putter Review
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Gateway Warlock Review

The Gateway Warlock putter is magical as it holds its line and cuts through the air.  The lines you can hold with this putter will make you wonder if it’s possessed.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Gateway Warlock™ is very similar to the Wizard but without the signature bead. As a result, the Warlock is dead-straight stable out of the box and has a later low-speed fade when thrown hard. You’ll find the Warlock to be a great putter to complement your Wizard™.”

Available plastics: Evolution, Soft, Super Soft, Super Stupid Soft

Flight Rating:  3, 5, -1, 2

Initial Reactions

Gateway’s Warlock is a sleek putter with a pointed nose and no bead.  It takes a moment to get used to, but when you get the feel you’ll love it.  It’s more pointed than it’s close relative, Gateway’s Wizard, and actually somewhat similar to the newer Discraft Roach.

Gateway Warlock putter profile view

By the Numbers

Gateway Warlock


Interactive flight chart brought you by DG Puttheads. Compare every disc over at

This may be the most accurate flight chart ever; dead on!  Of course you’ll need to lessen the turn slightly for Gateway’s firmer putter plastics like Soft (let’s face it, that’s anything but soft).

Putting Notes

Anywhere near the basket, Gateway’s Warlock is essentially a point and shoot putter with a hard fade.  It holds a line quite nicely which is assisted by the high glide, but it also drops sharply at the end which can be a nice safety feature.  Due to this combination of characteristics I’ve found the Warlock to be one of the best hyzer putters that I’ve tested.  The pointed nose and beadless rim produce an extremely smooth and consistent release.

Also, because of the Warlock’s speed, it handles the wind well.  Understand that it’s a high glide putter so it will of course have a tendency to rise, but it can be kept under control.  Watch out for the roll-aways though, the pointed nose can cause the Warlock to wander if it lands hard on it’s edge.


The Gateway Warlock can handle power, and is it ever accurate!  The light turn allows the Warlock to be flipped up, or it can be thrown flat on a long anhyzer.  Since it’s fast and cuts through the air it can be thrown on long hyzers or spike hyzers that drop sharply and rarely flip up.  The versatility of this disc amazes me and I love being able to throw it with fan and power grips.  The Warlock is also a stellar option for stall putts which are incredibly straight up to 150 feet!

The only difficulty I have with the Warlock is that, because it likes to hold its line, it will sometimes glide out too far on anhyzers forcing long putts back to the basket.  This is avoidable by either throwing the Warlock higher or dropping the release angle more.  The advantage here is that it allows for extremely long and smooth s-curves that you simply can’t achieve with many other putters, and the fade should kick in at the end to add confidence.

Gateway’s Warlock handles side-arm shots well because of its speed, glide and stability.  Remember that it will hold its flight path so you won’t want to throw it on a high angle often.  However, if you drop the angle or throw short anhyzer flicks you’ll be amazed at the Warlock’s capabilities.  Roll-aways aren’t much of an issue on longer throws but it will skip on hard ground especially if you’ve thrown it low.  You can certainly use this to your advantage if you need a little extra distance while throwing low.

Final Verdict

The Gateway Warlock is another excellent all-around putter from Gateway.  I’d highlight its dependability over finesse because of how well it holds a line.  The Warlock wouldn’t be a bad choice for beginners but its speed and stability may be challenging.  I think that advanced players will appreciate it more due to its ability to handle power and find those long s-curve line.

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