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Just Throw – Episode 1 – Change

The big first episode!  Shoutout to all the Zen Disc Golf listeners willing to give us a chance.  We’re excited for this opportunity and will be constantly looking to improve the show for you.

Episode Theme: Change
Episode Length: 52:53
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  • Greetings and Introductions
    • Podcast history – https://zendiscgolf.com/
    • Rodney’s and Chris’ disc golf “origin” story
    • How do we play/practice?
      • This gives you context for our future reviews and comments
  • Change
    • Dealing with change, environmental and individual
      • Identify the problem/reason
      • Identify the source of change
      • Stay persistent – don’t give up too soon
    • Rodney changing discs
    • Chris changing form
    • Weather is changing
      • What do you change with your game or bag as the temperature drops?
    • Quick Review – Ozone Discs Andro C
      • Written review coming soon
    • Quick Review – Dynamic Discs Lucid Escape
    • Upcoming Reviews

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Intro Music: Down by Against the Gray

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