Just Throw

Just Throw – Episode 3 – Casual

Episode three is ready for your ears.  We talk about our experience planning a casual disc golf event, not a tournament.

Episode Theme: Casual
Episode Length: 01:07:39
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  • Introduction
    • We are competitive, but not all of our friends appreciate the fine arts of tournament play and playing to win.
    • Some of our friends just want to hang out and have some fun.
  • Life application: know your audience
    • Communicate on terms that the audience understands
    • What if you don’t know your audience?
  • What is Natalfest/Disception
    • Started as a birthday gathering
    • Intention is to get some friends together and have some casual fun
    • 18 holes on your own
    • 18 holes with your doubles partner, chosen by singles placement
    • Overall winner is best total score and gets to sign/care for the trophy
  • What have we learned?
    • Advertise earlier
    • Expect people to drop – schedules change
    • Cost
      • Figure $5 per person for food
      • Leaves $15 for discs and prizes
      • (spoiler alert, this isn’t enough and you should either charge more or reduce to 1 disc per person)
    • Discraft misprint boxes are fun
    • Reduced disc rounds are fun
  • Product Reviews

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Intro Music: Down by Against the Gray

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