Ozone Discs Andro C Review
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Ozone Discs Andro C Review

Ozone Discs recently sent us an Andro C to test and I loved it!  However, many disc golfers didn’t like the sharp rim.  Ozone decided to make adjustments to the Andro C and I’ve got to give them a lot of credit for listening to the feedback.  This review covers the current Andro C but will likely be updated when the new disc is released.

Ozone Discs’ Andro C is a low-profile, stable midrange driver that will eat right through a steady wind.  Add a significant amount of glide to that stability and you’ve got an accurate and reliable workhorse.


Immediately I noticed the Andro C has a low profile and angular shoulder rather than a rounded edge like most mid-range discs.  This is great for throwers with small hands like myself, but larger hands should have no problem as I discovered that the Andro C works just fine with both power and fan grips.

Ozone Discs Andro C Profile

The other noticeable characteristic is the soft and grippy Hydro M plastic.  I’d liken this plastic to Kastaplast K2, perhaps a softer Lat 64 Opto plastic, but firmer than Innova Gummy Champion.  The large advantage here is that soft plastic mitigates the skip often caused by strong fades and low profiles.  Softer plastic also reduces risk of bouncing hard off of a tree.

Ozone Andro C


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The Andro C starts out quite overstable but as it breaks in it begins to achieve incredibly straight and consistent flights.  This is one of the straightest midrange discs I’ve ever thrown.  It loves to hold long accurate lines and can handle deadly hyzer shots.  The Andro C can also take a high amount of power and torque.  It’s actually designed to fill the gap between midrange and fairway drivers.

This low profile disc does not follow the stereotype of many low profile discs being nose-angle sensitive.  In fact, even in 15 mile per hour winds, the Andro C behaves very similar to no wind conditions.  However, given the high glide you may notice that it likes to continue soaring with a cross wind.  You’ll actually have to be careful not to overthrow with a cross wind (right to left crosswind for RHBH throwers) because the fade will continue to glide outward instead of dropping. Throwing into a head wind the Andro C displays little propensity to flip and turn, rather it finds its line and glides out.

I had difficulty throwing a forced anhyzer with the Andro C.  This was partly due to the stability and partly due to its flip resistance.  I eventually found a high anhyzer line with an abrupt fade, but I found a great deal of success by over-powering the Andro C resulting in a more nature turn and less abrupt fade. Some say that the sharp edge hurts their hands when throwing that hard but I find the plastic soft enough that it doesn’t affect me.  I could also throw a gentle s-curve with a sidearm around 200 feet.

Hyzerbomb?  Yes!  The Andro C will flip up just enough on long hyzerbombs that you can get some decent distance and clearance, and typically it will drop with great accuracy.  Slight hyzer shots are even better, especially when thrown with a fan grip and a touch of finess; I’ve nearly chained out a number of 250-300 foot hyzers with the Andro C.

Andro C Conclusion

Phenomenal midrange that is dependable in the wind.   It’s likely too much disc for a beginner, but more advanced players will love being able to huck this hybrid disc with power and beat the wind or the ability to release flat at half power and watch it effortlessly float 200 feet.

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We talked more about the Andro C in the review section of the Just Throw Podcast here: https://dgputtheads.com/just-throw-episode-1-change

Here’s Ozone Disc’s post with the explanation of adjusting the Andro C: https://www.reddit.com/r/discgolf/comments/51vf6k/ozone_updates/

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