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Quick Review Discraft Undertaker

The Discraft Undertaker follows Discraft’s recent trend of easy to throw discs with high glide.  Discraft was nice enough to send us a couple to review and the tests went quite well.  The Undertaker, released in Z plastic, feels like tossing a short range Crank: Distance without effort, deadly straight low power, and a nice hyzer flip at high power.

Discraft Undertaker


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While described as a distance driver, I prefer to use the Undertaker as a fairway driver.  The flight feels similar to my Stalker, but more stable and a little faster.  The first run Undertakers are less stable than I anticipated, but later runs are stable to overstable.  I find the Elite Z Undertaker works just fine with a fan grip but can handle a power grip quite well also.  The Undertaker enjoys a long and deadly straight flight for throws under 300, but as I dialed it in I found I could achieve some phenomenal hyzer flips.  Throwing it high I can comfortably hit 325-350, much more than that and the Undertaker will display a long smooth turn.

My favorite use for this disc is the incredibly straight 300-350ft throws that stay low, aided by the exceptional glide and only display very gentle fades.   Z plastic Undertakers tend to fade by tipping and droping without skipping hard, and Titanium Undertakers will fade a little striaghter. Long and high anhyzers are a little more difficult because of the stability, I was able to put significant power on them without the disc turning and burning..

Discraft Undertaker Profile View

I had initially expected the Discraft Undertaker to be nose angle sensitive because of the sharp nose.  I was completely wrong, however, finding that the Undertaker is actually very forgiving!  It is somewhat power sensitive though, minor power adjustments lead to more or less turn, but since so little effort is required to throw the Undertaker it’s not difficult to adjust.  The Undertaker is also affected by the wind more than I expected, but the good news is that it’s extremely consistent in the wind and most of the movement is side to side instead of up and down.  Throwing into a headwind results in significant turn, but again, rarely a turn and burn and it’s a quite controllable turn.  By dropping the release angle I can easily take advantage of the headwind to get distance with a extra gliding fade as a result of the turn.

The Undertaker is also a great option for short and accurate overhand throws. It will move to the side as you’d expect, but the side to side movement is predictable. Some fast drivers may cut early or unpredictable, but the Undertaker flips over the same every time.

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Discraft’s Undertaker should find its way into many bags, beginners for the effortless distance and advanced players for a touch of finesse.  The Undertaker has now found a permanent spot in my bag after a number of months fighting with my Stalker, both a phenomenal discs.  The Undertaker should be especially useful for those who don’t prefer to heave their midrange drivers to 300 and will work wonders for advanced players looking to shape their fairway shots.

Here’s some more information on the Discraft Undertaker:  http://discraft.com/prod_undertaker_z.html

Discraft also offers a Z FLX Undertaker, Big Z Undertaker, and even a Mini Undertaker in Big Z Plastic!  You can read about the differences between Undertaker varieties here: https://dgputtheads.com/discraft-zflx-undertaker-vs-z-undertaker-vs-mini-undertaker

Ready to throw your own Undertaker?  Prices and options here!

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