Just Throw Snow

Just Throw – Episode 5 – Cold

It’s cold! Listen to episode 5 with a warm drink.

Episode Theme: Cold
Episode Length: 01:06:13
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    • Introduction
        • Discs and Zen, Patrick McCormick’s second disc golf book, is out now!

      • Cold, snow, and gifts
        • Shout out to 616disc.com for providing a beautiful Berg and Reko!
        • These guys are based in Grand Rapids MI and they have some awesome stainless steel bag tags.  Check them out for tournament trophies, gifts, and whatnot.  Thanks to Kevin for hooking us up!
    • Preparing for the cold
      • Physically
      • Mentally
    • GearPutting Disc Golf in the Snow
    • RibbonsDisc golf ribbons
    • Effect of the cold and the snowCold disc golf discs

  • Disc Golf and Quidditch?Disc Golf and Quidditch
  • The Long Lost Discraft XL (thanks Kurt!)Kurt with Discraft XL

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Intro Music: Down by Against the Gray


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